According To Your Sign How Others Control You

How Others Control You

According To Your Sign How Others Control You

Unfortunately, manipulation and control are the order of the day in this society in which we live. It is not difficult to see how someone controls another someone in order to get something. Manipulation is not always all bad, as we all have a manipulative part within us that allows us to move forward in life. If you stop to think about it a bit, you will see how you have also controlled a little bit of a situation in favor of your interests. However, manipulation becomes more dangerous when someone does it in order to harm us and put their interests above our well-being. In this article, you will find out how others control you according to your sign and what you can do to avoid it.


The natives of this sign are people who, although it is hard for you to admit, have a bit of a lack of confidence in yourselves. There are certain aspects of your life in which you need to feel the approval of others and this is the weak point of your personality. Be aware of those you trust because they will be the ones who will be able to control you. They know you well and they know your weak points and they will use them if necessary.


For you, your word is untouchable, Taurus. You are a very responsible person who does not like to say that he will do something and then not do it. When you promise something, you fulfill it no matter how complicated it may be or no matter how much it costs you. This is your weak point in terms of manipulation. Others know this trait of your personality and will use it against you. Be careful with those who want to discredit you. 


You talk a lot and this is what others use to control you and get what they want. Being such an open and outgoing person, you yourself give weapons to your enemies. It doesn’t cost them anything to know what worries you at all times and what scares you the most. And believe us, others will have no compunction in using this aspect against you if it does them well.


The desire that you have to be well with everyone around you is your weak point for manipulators. They will seek to get whatever they want at the cost of making you look bad in front of your friends. They are very subtle in your case because it is not easy to manipulate this part of you. However, they will try to make you friendless so that you somehow come to think that you can only trust them. And this is where you fall into his trap. Don’t listen to words. Look at the acts.


Your ego is the weapon that the manipulators will use against you. You must be careful with those who simply accept what you say. These people will pretend to be okay with you, understand you better than others, and make you see that you are the best at everything. However, once they have gotten you to relax with them, they will act according to their own interests


You love being around people, Virgo, and you trust those around you a lot. This is what makes you easy to control and expert manipulators know how to detect this weakness. The best thing is that you learn from now on not to trust others so much. You need to be a little more selective with those you let into your inner circle. Do not be so trusting and you will see how it will not be so easy for them to hurt your feelings.


Destabilizing your world is what the manipulators will seek to do with you. They know that you can’t stand the imbalance in your life and they themselves will subtly cause this situation. Once you feel that you have lost control of the situation, they will act no matter what situation you are in.


Your vengeful side is what the manipulators are going to use against you. Scorpio, keep in mind that those who know you know very well how you are and they know, more than enough, how vengeful you can be. For this reason, it is easy to see manipulators recount the revenge that you have never carried out to make you see yourself as a cruel person with whom it is better not to be intimate.


Divide and conquer is what the manipulators are going to do to you. They know that you are a cheerful person who loves to be with others and has a very active social life. As long as you have your own, there is nothing that can go wrong. For this reason, emotional manipulators will try to leave you without friends so that you have no choice but to go to them.


You are a person who loves having many friends, working, and being able to have fun in your spare time. The manipulators that are close to you will be in charge of proposing plans so that you can spend less time on your work. Therefore, you will have a good time, but you will have fewer economic resources as the relationship you have with them progresses. This will soon make you feel empty and low in mood. This is where they will try to get as much as they want.


What most attracts the attention of your personality is your great will. With her, Aquarius, you get everything you want and that is why the manipulators will try to strip you of her. The less sure you are of yourself, the more vulnerable you are to them.


You have a great weakness for things to go well for everyone you love and these manipulative people know very well that this is your weak point. They will try to convince you that you are wrong with your decisions. In this way, they will be able to convince you of other options that will be favorable for them, but will never be for you.

Now you know how emotional manipulators can take advantage of you to achieve their own goals. We advise you to analyze all those you are close to avoid being in contact with these unscrupulous people.

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