According To Your Sign How Love Changes You

Love Changes You

According To Your Sign How Love Changes You

Out there they say that true love does not end, there is no end point because letting go is a way of saying ‘ I love you ‘. And yes, your heart can break, but you want that person to be happy, it doesn’t matter if he is not by your side. The tranquility of seeing that she smiles, is loved, and is respected goes much further. However, few get to experience that degree of love, but those who dare hardly regret it. That’s what life is about, isn’t it? Love. Tell me, how does love change you according to your zodiac sign? 


Without a doubt, your heart is the living representation of fire, you love to go against the tide and put your emotions to the test. You recognize that it is much more beautiful when you add grace and intensity to everything. However, you do not let falling in love shake you, you know that sooner or later, you will have to see the person without filters and you are not afraid of losing yourself in their defects. You are energetic, but there are times when you just have to relax, wait for each piece to fall into place, and work on your best version. You want something more than love at times. 


The most beautiful thing about you is that you have a face that you don’t give yourself in because your seriousness is the one that takes the reins during the conquest, but once you open the shell you can appreciate the sweetness of your soul. You love to let yourself go, learn from others, and love without fear. You stopped believing in the better half a long time ago, you want someone who walks at your pace and gives you the confidence you deserve. You are flexible, but not permissive, if they are not giving you what you want, you prefer to find someone else. It’s not a tantrum, it’s dignity and determination. 


The adventure that sails in your chest is your biggest engine, you don’t like to sit idly by waiting for life to do its thing, there are times when you take the first step and you love it. Love for you is synonymous with surprises, daring, and enjoying, don’t fall for that false idea of ​​couples shown in movies. What you want is something more real, to know his personality in-depth and ask him to go and explore the beauty of every corner. You like to connect on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level but never depend on the other. 


You are kind from the side they see you. The way in which, in the blink of an eye, you put yourself in the shoes of others is admirable because your heart is compassionate. However, that does not mean that you are going to allow anyone to see your weaknesses, after experiencing some disappointments you have learned to put a coat on your heart. Well, you know that there are manipulators who hide in love and you don’t plan to risk being torn to pieces. To love for you is to trust, understand and fly. If he doesn’t give you that, you better not want it, someone else will come. 


You are charming, loving, and generous and those who criticize you for wanting to be the center of attention do not concern you. It was hard for you to understand, but now you know that the opinion of others speaks more about them than about you. When you find the person who inspires you in your eyes and who makes you want to put them on your priority list, everything changes. You become a doubly bright, fun, and daring being. You see love as a lot of opportunities, you won’t let them pass, it doesn’t matter if tomorrow doesn’t work out, you live today. 


The moment love knocks on your door, Virgo, you know that you have to control your thoughts, because they never stop, especially when you feel insecure. You are terrified that they just want to play with your emotions, so at first, you put up one barrier after another. What you need is to take a deep breath and flow, stop worrying about a fatalistic ending and enjoy the process. You have a lot to offer, you are a brave, intelligent, and affectionate being. When you allow your vulnerable side to appear, everything will be better. 


The way in which your heart clings to find harmony is beautiful, you want your circle to be full of people who truly inspire you and you stay away from those who laugh at your falls. When love comes to you, you know your soul is in danger, but you launch yourself to success anyway. You have nothing to lose, you know how to be alone and you enjoy your own company, so if something doesn’t work out you can always start from scratch. Give yourself the opportunity to feel until your heart bursts with happiness, life is about saving memories, don’t forget it. 


Of course, Scorpio, you believe in true love, even though some people insist that your heart is cold. The reality is that you have become very selective, because you want someone who is capable of accompanying you in your transformation process, you know that you can achieve the most beautiful version of yourself. That’s why you’re so stealthy when it comes to sharing your emotions. You hold softly, you love slowly and you like to add tenderness to everything, but you’re not going to do it with anyone, there’s no more. 


For you, love is a revolution, it is the one that shakes you without warning and makes your world change completely. You are an open, wild, and affectionate heart, the perfect mixture to enchant a soul that dares to go further. You fall in love, but you don’t lose your mind, you want a connection that gives you stability in every way. If someone becomes a thorn in your shoe, you better turn the page. They say you escape commitment, but no, you escape lukewarm hearts. 


Here there is no doubt that you like the practical, when someone becomes your stress, you know that it is time to put the cards on the table because you do not like to go after loves that are not prepared to receive everything you have to give. You take risks, you step on the accelerator regardless of the possibility of crashing. Love is the one that inspires and intrigues you at the same time, but things get more intense when that person is intelligent because you want to go to the bottom of everything. You want a genuine bond, that is your complement, that fights and does not sabotage what is between the two. 


Your soul is the crazy one of the Zodiac, the cosmic rebel who doesn’t care what people say and just follows what her heart dictates. You usually think with a cool head, no matter how in love you feel, a part of you is always ready to face disappointment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the moment. For you attraction is very important, from there it depends that you let your feelings flow. You are one of those who bet on having a confidant who understands you and does not judge you. You demand because you know you deserve it


For you love surpasses anything. In truth, you see it as something essential in your day to day, although you no longer believe fairy tales so easily. However, you do not plan to settle for half-hearted displays of affection, you want that person to hold your hand tightly and show you to the rest that they are proud to walk with you. You still believe in finding your soul mate, but without idealizing, you take your time and your experience to choose who truly fills you with magic

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