According To The Zodiac Sign: This Is How You Are At Your Best And On Your Worst Days

According To The Zodiac Sign: This Is How You Are At Your Best And On Your Worst Days

There are times when you feel good, like everything in the world is perfect. And then there are days when everything seems to go wrong.

Each zodiac sign experiences both states now and then, but they show it in different ways. This is how you are on your best days and your worst, according to your zodiac sign:

1. Capricorn

At your best, you are like an angel who is always there for your loved ones when they need you. You become happy when you help others and want to motivate them in every possible way.

However, on your worst days, you get sarcastic. You are full of bitterness and that is probably because you are upset about something. You won’t admit it at first, but you will surely gradually add some clues that make you feel down.

2. Aquarius

You are someone who has the best ideas and plans when you are at your best. You don’t like being in one place at a time. All you want to do is explore, communicate and meet new people or see new places.

You tend to think too much and complain about anything you’re having a bad day. You no longer care about your dreams and hopes. And ignore others, but deep down you feel empty and hopeless. 

3. Pisces

Your dreams have no limits. You become productive and tackle creative projects related to art or music. You influence others with your charm and your personality.

On your bad days, you feel troubled about how things are in your life. You are easily manipulated and feel the need to take revenge on those who hurt you, but you just feel so powerless and weak.

4. Aries

You admire the beauty around you when you are at your best. You are full of life with your eyes shining bright enough to make all darkness disappear. You have a big smile on your face. It’s like nothing could ever make you fall.

When you have a bad day, you start to doubt yourself in a self-destructive way. You do things recklessly and no one really knows what’s going on in your head.

5. Taurus

You seem charming and passionate when you are at your best. You are open to people because you know that it is for your own good that they love you.

When you have a bad day, you seem cold and indifferent to those you love. You no longer feel safe, you lose control of your emotions and you begin to doubt your decisions to open up to others.

6. Gemini

You become extra caring and inspire others to be passionate about life when you are fine. Your creativity shines and your head is full of ideas. The spark in your eyes shines and you feel great. You are a freedom-loving person who does not run out of energy in your happiest moments. 

But when something goes wrong, it sucks the life out of you. Your hands get cold and you lose yourself in thought. It can also be that you are just tired and don’t feel like doing anything.

7. Cancer

You act with compassion and are like a ball of luck spreading love and positive vibes wherever you go when you are at your best. Your smile makes others smile.

However, when you have a bad day, you say or do things that you immediately regret because you didn’t mean them that way. You lock yourself in and forget to take care of your needs. This will cause your mood to deteriorate.

8. Leo

You embody the sun in your best form. You feel full of energy and your laughter brings joy everywhere and brings light into the dark.

However, when you are having a bad day, you believe that you are not good enough. You start to doubt your abilities. Even if you seem powerful on the outside, you collapse deep inside.

9. Virgo

When you are at your best, you feel happy and try to hang out with people you love. Your gentle soul makes people feel good and you give great advice on life.

On your bad days, you reveal a negative side of yourself that is filled with self-pity and exaggeration. You tend to make decisions that you later regret and overlook your skills and talents.

10. Libra

You have an amazing aura with a charming smile when you have a good day. You are always ready to make others laugh with your humor. Sometimes you plan spontaneous trips and want to experience adventures like a wild soul.

On your bad days, you don’t see yourself as anything special and you hide from the world in the dark. You get incredibly cold and don’t want anyone to get too close as this reveals your vulnerability.

11. Scorpio

You are passionate and loving when you are at your best. Even if you seem mysterious most of the time, you can share your ideas and dreams with others. You make others feel loved and you perk them up.

However, on your bad days, you ignore your friends and family and indulge in things that are reckless and self-sabotaging. The things that used to fascinate you no longer make sense to you.

12. Sagittarius

You are free-spirited and full of good energy when you are at your best. You want to have a good time and you don’t care what anyone thinks of you. All you want to do is dance like no one is watching.

On your bad days, your moods are conflicting and you can feel depressed. Sometimes you are unable to explain or express your feelings. Often you become over-emotional and quick-tempered.


According To The Zodiac Sign: This Is How You Are At Your Best And On Your Worst Days

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