According To The Zodiac Sign: This Fashion Trend Will Dominate Your 2023 – Part 2!

Fashion Trend Will Dominate Your 2023

According To The Zodiac Sign: This Fashion Trend Will Dominate Your 2023 – Part 2!

Anyone scrolling through fashion blogs and co will notice: the latest fashion trends that everyone will supposedly be wearing in 2023 are everywhere. But which trend really suits your own personality?

We took a close look at the trends and found out which one fits which zodiac sign.

Cancer: Grunge

As emotional and sensitive as Cancers are, they tend to avoid talking openly about their feelings. So why not simply communicate the mood through clothing? Since the hype surrounding the Netflix series “Wednesday” at the latest, crabs have developed a taste for grunge – and are living it out to the fullest in 2023.

Leo: Let’s get loud!

Leos like to stand out and grab the limelight. And what easier way to do that than with statement pieces and clothing in bright colors? The trend color is acid green and the ongoing pink trend is just right!

Virgo: More transparency

Virgos like to test their limits and go for statement pieces. For them, the transparency trend of 2023 is just the right thing. Because even if it might take a bit of effort: the stylish Virgos quickly learn how to stage the trend pieces. And Virgos love a bit of risk anyway.

Libra: Leggings for Life

Libras love the comfort and practical parts. It is therefore particularly convenient for them that leggings will be on everyone’s lips (and shopping baskets) in 2023. Because they are professionals at styling comfortable pieces elegantly.

Scorpio: Sleek Look

Scorpios are one of the brave zodiac signs that like to attract attention. They enjoy styling things differently and making their pieces stand out from the crowd. At the same time, they like looks that are timeless for them. That’s where the sleek look comes in. Because this fashion trend helps Scorpios to combine timeless pieces in an exciting way.

Sagittarius: denim on denim

With shooters, it’s all about the feel-good factor. Because the sign of the zodiac wants to radiate a certain comfort and does not necessarily want to make a big statement with its clothing. The fun-loving shooters like a certain nostalgia factor. Denim on denim is the perfect combination for this: stylish but also wearable in everyday life.

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