According to the signs of the zodiac, these women fall in love with each other very hard

Have you been asking yourself for a long time why you can not find a partner? Have you often thought about why everyone around you is happy and you are still alone?

Does not that just work with your love luck? Then let me tell you this: It could have something to do with your zodiac sign. And you are not alone with that! Because some zodiac signs just fall in love very hard.

Our star signs and the stars in the cosmos, not only affect our mood and our everyday life, but also our love life and the fact that you can fall in love with someone or not. 

Some zodiacs, for example, are very freedom-loving. Others, in turn, long for a partner. They want to spend their entire lives with a human by their side and share everything with him. Because there is nothing better for them.

However, the whole thing turns out not so easy. They want to find a person where they can drop themselves. They want to feel a deep connection and it should be something very special. 

It’s not easy to find that. Some people actually have big problems falling in love with other people. Because they can hardly allow their feelings and do not open to their counterpart.

You can not feel the butterflies in her stomach, though so many people report. They would also like to report it. It’s not like they do not want to fall in love. They just have a harder time than others. 

We found out which four zodiac signs are especially hard to fall in love with. If you want to know if it’s yours too, then you should read on.

1. JUNGFRAU (24.08. – 23.09.)

Virgins are often referred to as cool and closed. She is considered shy and anxious, because when it comes to showing her feelings and to open up for another person, unfortunately, the maiden often fails. Unfortunately, she distrusts her partner very often and is afraid that she might be hurt if she reveals too much of herself or gets too involved in the other.

For this reason just wants to jump in the initial phase of the spark just. The maiden must first feel secure before she can relax with the partner. Sometimes she has to be sure that her partner has already fallen in love with her before she can give her heart to him. Unfortunately, her caution keeps her from finding a partner.

2. AQUARIUS (21.01 – 19.02.)

The Aquarius woman needs a lot of freedom in relationships. She only gets involved with a person who can give her this freedom. If her partner can not do that, she immediately breaks off the relationship. It will be enough even the smallest problems and the Aquarius woman could quickly search again the distance. She can hardly build up deep feelings for her opposite under these circumstances.

For this reason, she will rarely be completely in love with someone. Another point: She quickly doubts her decision and distances herself from her partner. That’s why the Aquarius woman appears very changeable. This makes it incredibly difficult for the partner to understand, let alone hold it. Understandably, the partner then very quickly fed up with her and lets her go.

3. FISH (20.02 – 20.03.)

Pisces women are very emotional and sensitive, which makes them very sensitive people.   For this fish are well known. But even fish-women have a hard time with love. Sometimes they delay the beginning of a love affair or break the relationship just before it gets serious. At the same time, fish are very inhibited and anxious personalities.

They have a hard time deciding and sway around quickly. One reason for this is that they take a long time to build true feelings for someone. If they eventually make a decision and have decided on a person, usually too much time has passed, so that the other party has already moved on. This is the fish-woman in her love life again and again to the doom and is one reason why she finds it difficult to find a partner. 

4. TWINS (21.05 – 21.06.)

Gemini women usually do not have a hard time wrapping other men around their fingers. The man might already be floating on cloud nine, even though the twin woman is still completely unsure if she will ever feel anything for this man, or will ever feel anything. Gemini women are also very flighty.

They have a very superficial attitude and can not value the particular traits of their counterparts as other zodiac signs do. However, this is very important for a long-term relationship. In addition, twin women like to wander with their thoughts and rarely focus on just one person. This makes it difficult for the twin woman ever to feel real feelings for someone.

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