According to the monthly horoscope: December will be so beautiful for all zodiac signs!

December is here! High time for the last monthly horoscope for all zodiac signs this year. Are you ready?

The last month of 2020 begins – and with it the pre-Christmas season. What can happen to you in love, at work, or in everyday life, we have looked in the stars for you in advance.

Horoscope of the week for all 12 zodiac signs: it’s going to be magical!

According to the horoscope: Lying is particularly difficult for these 3 zodiac signs!

Men with these zodiac signs would never cheat

Monthly horoscope: This is how December will be for all 12 zodiac signs

Click through our picture gallery and find out what you can expect in the coming weeks.

Zodiac sign Libra: Libra is extremely stressed in December. Work calls, you have to get presents and sort out private matters. Above all, romance is lost! Couples have little time to themselves before Christmas. But after Christmas and until the end of the year you will make up for everything. It crackles a lot!

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