Only a few days until Christmas and the mood of many people is getting better! Almost all of the gifts have been bought and calm and contemplation return. Three zodiac signs, in particular, will have an extremely good time in the next few days. You can read here whether yours is there.

These three zodiac signs have the best week of their lives – according to the horoscope

1. Aquarius

Dear Aquarians, you can look forward to a special week! On Wednesday you will be surprised with a Christmas gift that you simply did not expect. This ensures a good mood on the holidays. On the second day of Christmas, you make an encounter at home that will melt your heart. You unexpectedly get to know a man and you fall in love instantly. Of course that makes you even happier. Sunday: Couples can look forward to a romantic declaration of love from their partner. The relationship is as beautiful as it has been for a long time.

2. Virgin

There are those weeks when everything just goes perfectly! Already on Monday, virgins feel very healthy and balanced. A yoga class brings the earth to sign fully into your inner balance. This ensures a particularly positive and enviable aura of values. After Christmas 2018 was pure stress, virgins – as usual – have everything under control this year. Friends and family are enthusiastic about the great culinary skills and they simply meet every taste with their choice of Christmas gifts. That ensures a lot of satisfaction. Sunday: A surprising call from a loved one makes the virgin’s heart beat faster.

3. Libra

The mood has been extremely good with the balanced scales since last week! On Christmas Holidays, the air sign not only sees the family but also many old friends. Heartwarming encounters and in-depth discussions ensure a good mood among the social Libra people. On the second holiday, they receive a gift that makes them happier and happier. The best: The zodiac sign can already look forward to a superlative New Year’s Eve. Here the stars are very good for an encounter with the dream man.


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