The following zodiac signs can look forward to something big – especially in love

The chances of a long-term relationship in 2020 are particularly good for these zodiac signs

2020 is the starting signal for a great love story – at least for the following zodiac signs. They are now saying goodbye to affairs and short liaisons and are directing their love lives in a solid way. Maybe a casual relationship suddenly becomes serious or they find a new partner. A love at first sight that lasts a long time.


The combination of a longing for a serious relationship and a big boost of ambition ensures that Capricorn finds someone with whom it gets serious at the beginning of the year. Now it is important that the ibex is careful to take care of its new love and to draw a clear line between job and private life. The ambitious Capricorn is a workhorse and is usually the last person in the office in the evening, but now it is time to set priorities.


The ram always pays attention to how it looks to the outside. The opinion of others is very important to him, which is why he always tends to pretend when he meets someone. In 2020, however, it will be a little different, because he no longer wants to hide. He will notice for the first time how relaxing it is to just let yourself go and be the way you are. This has many advantages – including a person who is suitable for a long-term relationship.  


The Libra longs for a long-term relationship, but has such high demands that it sometimes no longer knows what it actually wants. In the new year she manages to get off her high horse and lower her expectations of a potential partner. This ensures that she suddenly looks completely different to the world of men and attracts a type of man she didn’t know before. A type of man who has long-term relationship potential compared to her previous husbands.


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