All or nothing – this is the motto of these 3 zodiac signs when it comes to love. They risk everything for their desired partner

The selection of potential partners seems to be endless, especially through dating apps. All the less rarely does it happen that people risk everything when it comes to love. The following 3 zodiac signs cannot be misled and risk a lot to conquer the heart of your desired partner:


You can recognize his stubbornness from the bull’s horns. And he also likes to use his horns when it comes to love: Especially in the early dating phase, the bull turns out to be a persistent star sign. He stays on the ball, reports regularly and does not even think about dating several potential partners at the same time. No wonder, after all, the bull is ruled by Venus, who is known as the goddess of love. If he loves, then really.


Cancer often struggles with its sensitive side, which it likes to doom for, especially at work. As a watermark, crabs are governed more by their feelings than by their logic. However, potential partners appreciate the emotional strength of cancer-born people. After all, they are full of empathy, show their love very clearly and prove again and again what loyal supporters they are. This may mean a higher (emotional) risk for cancer if you meet the right partner, but also pure love.



Nothing works at Scorpio without passion. Just like cancer, it is also a watermark and likes to be guided by its emotions. In love, he therefore intuitively puts everything on one card. Because Scorpio-borns themselves know best that this will make them more vulnerable, they keep trying to break their pattern. But logic and love simply don’t go together for them – and everyone who the Scorpio gives their heart will appreciate that.


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