According to the horoscope: So the relationship changes for each zodiac sign in 2020

What about the partnership in 2020? Here you can find out what aries, bull and Co. can expect in love affairs

What influence will the stars have on the relationship in 2020?

As the new year gradually approaches, many are wondering what changes and events will have in 2020. Are old relationships strengthened even more? Does everything stay the same? Or are many new acquaintances waiting for us – and maybe even a really big love?


The year starts turbulently for Aries-born. In the first quarter of the year, the question arises as to whether it will continue with the previous partner or not. In April at the latest, you could take a big step or go your separate ways. It is important not to make a hasty decision, but to trust your instincts.


For the bull, 2020 is all about romance. It is quite possible that new paths will be broken and life will be turned upside down. In June, a person from the past could come back to life – those who are open and ready for a fresh start could be rewarded with a new, passionate love.


The otherwise flighty twins are longing for security and intimacy in 2020. They put a lot of energy into their existing relationship and float on cloud nine with their partner. However, it becomes problematic for those twins who have struggled with their relationship in the past. You should trust your gut feeling and maybe break new ground.


The zodiac sign Cancer is facing a brilliant year in love affairs. All the hard work that has already been put into the current relationship is finally paying off and is crowned by a big event such as an engagement or even a wedding. In addition, a lot of important and future-oriented decisions are made, which will bond couples extremely together.


No major milestones in the relationship are expected for Leuven until June. A hint of more eroticism and adventure in everyday life ensures pleasurable moments for two. It crackles tremendously, couples experience a second spring. From the middle of the year, those born to lions will be looking for more seriousness and reliability. The eroticism could subside somewhat, but the partnership will not be any less exciting.


Of all the zodiac signs, the Virgo will probably be the one with the greatest palpitations in 2020. In the past, the relationship seemed to have fallen asleep, the spark was almost gone, and you might even be on the brink. But in 2020 Jupiter will revitalize the relationship with the partner and sweeten virgins with many romantic experiences, especially in the first half of the year.


The year 2020 looks promising for scales – fresh relationships are solidifying, long-term relationships are experiencing a romantic high. There will be a few setbacks by the middle of the year, but as long as you don’t lose faith in the partnership, couples can face all the challenges together. It will be very harmonious towards the end of the year.


2020 will be an exciting year for scorpions. The partner could suddenly want more freedom, but a little more distance from time to time is also good for the scorpion. So he can continue to grow and pay attention to his own needs. At the end of the year, the relationship as it used to be may be hard to recognize, but the new chapter also comes with new emotions and more passion.


In 2020, Sagittarius-born will not have any drastic experiences. Rather, the personal development that took place in 2019 will determine the new year. You may see the partner with different eyes and start new projects together. An ex-partner draws attention to himself in the second half of the year. However, the stars are not very good for a love comeback.


In 2020 one highlight chases the next. The love for the partner feels new, exciting and passionate, romance has top priority for both. This takes the relationship to a new level that is deeper than ever. Some temptations are lurking in 2020, but since the relationship is so good, ibex don’t waste any thought on the question “What if …?”


2020 will be a big challenge for aquarians. There are many obstacles, especially in the first half of the year not everything goes according to plan. This also affects the partnership, which is why Aquarians should ask themselves whether they are still happy with their current partner. Now is the time to say goodbye to old patterns and toxic relationships so that love life in 2021 can really get going again.


Fish-born are naturally afraid of being injured and therefore open very slowly. This reluctance leads to resentment in the partner. But if fish fight for the partner’s heart, he will stay. It is worth going around the world with your eyes open and facing your fears. This also means that smoldering conflicts should always be resolved as quickly as possible.


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