Everyone knows a relationship like Serena and Blair in Gossip Girl: Even in elementary school there was a friend who somehow was also our competitor, whom we didn’t quite trust our way – in the fear of suddenly being betrayed, It could just as well have happened that we became a traitor and cheated on the girlfriend. The horoscope reveals which zodiac signs this love-hate bond connects – and who your Frenemy (friend and enemy at the same time) is.

Frenemies for life: According to the horoscope, these zodiac signs are linked by a love-hate relationship

Aries & Capricorn

This is why you love each other:
You are unstoppable: if you have a goal or a deadline, you can achieve it in a duo at twice the speed. Thanks to the combination of Aries energy and Capricorn tenacity.

That’s why you hate each other:
Rules are more for the ram … recommendations. And with the attitude, he goes through life. The Capricorn girl, who is true to the rules, is not a fan – and often feels like her big sister, who constantly has to take care of the Aries baby.

Bull & Aquarius

That’s why you love each other:
If the fiery bull is boiling with anger again, its way leads directly to Aquarius. There he finds the encouragement he just wants, after all, the Aquarius girls are known for their rebellious nature and like to fuel the ram.

That’s why you hate yourself:
Aquarians need innovations, disruptions, changes. In contrast to the bulls, the routine gives the feeling of security. If there is a major upheaval in progress, the two of them like to get into each other – and it gets wild!

Twins & virgin

That’s why you love
each other: on the one hand, you two are incredibly different, on the other hand, you complement each other perfectly: the twin takes on the communicative part, the virgin the organizational part. In addition, virgins are the best signs of the zodiac in absorbing and processing information – very important in conversation with the gossiping twins!

That’s why you hate yourself:
the virgin longs for a regular rhythm – in the job, in love and also in friendship. Otherwise, it analyzes the behavior of others forever. But it is completely wrong with the twin: the zodiac sign is famous for its volatility and tends to be moody and briefly throw its plans and opinions overboard.

Cancer & Libra

That’s why you love each other:
Above all, you share one thing in common: your penchant for romance. You regularly recommend romance novels, new songs and rom coms to each other. In addition, the quickly unsettled cancer likes to turn to his diplomatic Libra friend, who gives him a healthy dose of perspective.

That’s why you hate each other:
The problem in your friendship: your leisure time planning. The social scales prefer to go to all the bars and clubs in the area on weekends. But when she invites her cancer friend, she usually turns it off because the zodiac likes to be alone and at home. After several cancellations, anger gradually builds up in the scales …

Lion & Scorpio

That’s why you love
each other: When you hang out together, it strongly reminds of the unusual friendship between cheerleaders and Goth, which is known from high school films. But that’s why it works! In the presence of the scorpion, the cheerleader, aka the lion, does not have the feeling that she has to prove something to the others. Similarly, the scorpion can take off and breathe its mystical mask.

That’s why you hate yourself:
Although your opposites are the factors that unite you, they also stand between you: lions find the scorpions snobby and distant, conversely, scorpions stamp lions as an extravagant drama queen. Stress pre-programmed!

Sagittarius & Pisces

That is why you love
each other: Your resemblance: You are both discoverers. Only of different kinds. Where the fish explore the depths of their psyche and thoughts, shooters seek adventure in the outside world. After that, you love to share your new discoveries.

That’s why you hate yourself:
Who doesn’t like to be put under pressure? The fish. Who likes to put pressure on them if they have a great idea? The shooter. He is not intentionally evil, but the two zodiac signs also have a very different idea of ​​personal limits. The problem is clear, isn’t it?


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