This zodiac sign expects a particularly happy new year. We’ll tell you which one it is.

This zodiac sign can look forward to a great year

New Year New luck. But one zodiac sign has a special position: Aquarius. The Luftzeichen is full of creative ideas and innovative strength. Aquarians always think future-oriented and it is particularly important to them to achieve something for the society and to contribute to a good future. They are therefore the scientists, teachers, and engineers of the zodiac.

What is special in 2021, however, is that Saturn and Jupiter are under the sign of Aquarius. The philosophical Jupiter opens the imagination, whereas Saturn creates a structure in which ideas can become tangible actions. Since these two planets are under his sign, 2021 will be a fulfilling year full of adventure and creativity for Aquarius. Big changes are imminent and it’s normal that this will feel overwhelming at first, but also exciting for all Aquarians. This zodiac sign will also experience happiness in love and friendships.

Aquarians should especially note June 10, the day of the solar eclipse in Gemini.

2021 will be the year of Aquarius – whether in a relationship or a career. In order to remain receptive to numerous ideas, Aquarians should keep an open mind. Despite the almost infinite energy, it is advisable to manage this well and not start blindly, in order to be disappointed. Breathing exercises and meditation to calm the spirit of action are good practices for the avid Aquarians this year.


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