According to psychologists: These 8 sentences a man says to you who doesn’t care about you

A man who doesn’t care about you will act differently than a man who really loves you and cares about you. This indifferent man will display indifferent behavior and absolutely not lift a finger for you. He won’t work on the relationship or try to make you happy. 

He will also say some things to you that will hurt you or be condescending. These things will show that he is completely indifferent to you and not interested in spending his life with you. In other words: he doesn’t care at all!

If you’ve heard the following 8 sentences before, you can assume that he isn’t really interested in you:


1. “You can do what you want!”

If this is his comment, as soon as you tell him that you want to do something, you know that he really doesn’t care at all. Of course, you know that you can do whatever you want. Therefore this comment is simply superfluous. It comes across as very condescending and shows that he doesn’t really want to be actively involved in your life. He’s not really interested in telling you about his life either? Then the whole thing is confirmed again. It really doesn’t matter to him!


2. “It’s your fault, not me.”

He will turn the words in your mouth and blame you. He’ll turn the whole story into making you think you’ve made a mistake and it’s all your fault. Because he knows exactly what to do to present himself as a victim. It’s not an effort for him. He is just fixated on himself and not interested in how you are doing or that you are right.


3. “You just always worry too much!”

All of your problems and worries should appear small in his eyes. That’s why he wants to manipulate you. You should think that you are crazy or that you are just exaggerating and over-analyzing everything. If you find out for yourself that your worries are justified, you shouldn’t ignore them or let him talk you out of it. He’ll say it’s not a big issue and thinks you shouldn’t make an elephant out of a mosquito. Don’t believe everything he says. He’s probably just trying to keep you down.


4. “If it bothers you, find someone who will make you happy.”

With these words, he says that he does not really want to clarify anything and does not want to compromise what you actually do in a healthy partnership. So he will keep sitting there without wanting to clarify anything with you. And he will continue to show his bad behavior. Because you mean nothing to him – as hard as it may sound! But a man will never push you away like this if he really cares about you. 


5. “You can meet whoever you want.”

This statement hits the heart. That can hurt a lot. Sure, we all don’t want an extremely jealous partner by our side. But your partner shouldn’t care if you’re dating someone else or sleeping with someone else. Through this sentence, you learn that you have no value for him. You shouldn’t doubt for a second that this guy isn’t worthy to keep working on the relationship. 


6. “I don’t feel like having to take care of you all the time.”

In other words, I don’t have time for you and you are not my priority in life. You’re probably at the bottom of his priority list. Ouch! That hurts! He doesn’t want to waste his time on your problems or worry about you. So he only wants to spend time with you if everything is going well in your life. He flees from conversations and leaves as soon as there are problems. Once you are hurt or feel bad, he will take your attention away from you. Because in his opinion he has better things to do than deal with your emotional world.


7. “I don’t have to justify myself to you.”

If you really care about a person, then you will try to explain your actions. That’s why you know your partner doesn’t value you. He doesn’t even try to explain himself but accuses you of making this disrespectful statement. If he doesn’t want to make things clear and can’t talk to you openly, then he certainly doesn’t care.


8. “Your friends are weird, I can’t get along with them.”

You can be angry about this statement too. Doesn’t he respect your friends? If there’s no drifty reason for doing this, it can only mean that he doesn’t respect you. Maybe he doesn’t like them, but that doesn’t give him the right to speak badly of them. He probably hasn’t even tried to meet her. That can only mean that he has no interest in you and your life.


According to psychologists: These 8 sentences a man says to you who doesn't care about you



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