According To His Sign Why He (Him) Began To Move Away From You

Move Away From You

According To His Sign Why He (Him) Began To Move Away From You

It’s true, many men find it difficult to express what they feel and let time pass until the last drop is over and that’s when you realize that their distance was real. They say, that nobody is so busy as not to send a message when the other person matters to you, you care, and there are no excuses involved. It hurts, that little by little he has lowered you from his list of priorities. Why has he started to drift away from you, according to his zodiac sign? 


An Aries man in love is capable of doing many nice things for you, all you have to do is go back in time and remember the way he conquered you, he really felt motivated and wanted to put the world at your feet. However, he becomes aloof when monotony is part of his days, he doesn’t like predictability and hates the idea that they already know what they’re going to do on Tuesdays. He may not have stopped loving you, but he needs new adventures. 


When a Taurus man is committed to the relationship, it shows in his quality time, he wants to fill you in on details and he doesn’t need to say he loves you quickly, he needs to be sure of his feelings. However, once he declares to you, you can rest assured that he will be loyal, but… what pushes him away is that he lives one day at a time, he doesn’t want them to live together and think about the dog they’ll have at the same time. overnight. 


In short, a Gemini man is fun, loves social gatherings, and loves to break the ice with new people, the more he soaks up the knowledge, the better for him. Therefore, he is not going to stay in a relationship in which the chains are the main engine, he needs them to respect his freedom, and he does not want anyone controlling, much less aggressive. If he feels suffocated he will end up leaving. 


A Cancer man enjoys love relationships too much, loves details, and they give him time. He stays with the person who is able to understand his emotions and does not minimize them. In fact, that’s the main reason he may walk away from you, he loses interest when you don’t listen to him. Sometimes it’s not even about that, all he wants is a hug, to tell him that everything will be fine. 


Undoubtedly, the personality of a Leo man is perceived for miles, he is someone who feels at peace when he becomes the focus of attention. It’s not out of pride, much less to control yourself, simply, that if you start treating him as if you were doing him a favor by giving him your love, he’s going to leave. He doesn’t have a lot of patience and even though he loves you, he’d rather finish than settle for crumbs. 


A Virgo man knows very well what he expects in a relationship and he does not go around falling in love with all the people who smile pretty at him, he needs stability before taking that step. In addition, he bets on healthy, lasting bonds, in which empathy is the main engine. His mind is already chaotic enough to still stay with someone who causes him stress. He walks away because he feels judged and undervalued, there is no more. 


It is very normal for a Libra man to take the time to analyze if that person is the one, it really is difficult for him to order his feelings, but that does not mean that his capacity for commitment is zero. It should be noted that it is an air sign, that makes him pay attention to everything deep, he does not want to live with a mysterious partner, who hides things from him or puts love in the background. So much hostility drives him away. 


It is not a secret that a Scorpio man finds it difficult to open up with people, when it comes to choosing someone in the name of love, he feels pressured, because he is distrustful and does not want to make the same mistakes again. However, when he loves, he puts fidelity first, he is not afraid of giving himself up, but he is scared of relating to someone who lacks intensity, his heart has no filters and if he feels that you are not telling him the truth about something, he walks away. 


Definitely, dating a Sagittarius man is synonymous with surprises, love, understanding, and more. He loves everything that breaks with the routine and bets on a free bond, in which neither of them has to be on top of the other. He wants much more than a romantic bond, he wants his partner to be his friend and that’s when they don’t always correspond to him in the same way. Few are ready to have something without masks and it’s better to go.


A Capricorn man loves the traditional, he likes old-fashioned love and expects their relationship to be based on honesty, love, and plans for the future. The uncertainty does not fit his expectations, he needs much more than paper hearts. He is affectionate, but only with the person who makes him feel safe. He walks away when they don’t understand him, especially when he feels judged for working, he has many dreams and he doesn’t want his wings clipped. 


An Aquarius man enjoys dating, but… at a slow pace, if he feels compelled to move on, it’s a sign that the relationship isn’t going to work out. Before being a couple, he wants to build a bond of confidentiality, in which both put their weaknesses and strengths on the table. He is aware that relationships are not rosy, but he feels nice when after a difficult day they can take refuge in each other. If there is not that, there is nothing.


A Pisces man is very intense, loving, and tender, he is willing to do many nice things for the person he loves. Every time he imagines his perfect relationship, he sees two crazy people who choose and support each other above all else. However, he walks away when the spark dies, he wants you not to take it for granted that she will be with you for life. That they conquer each other every day, that’s what he’s looking for, otherwise, he loses interest. 

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