According To Her Sign What You Should Never Do To Your Girlfriend

Never Do To Your Girlfriend

According To Her Sign What You Should Never Do To Your Girlfriend

Never change to please anyone, if you are born to improve in something that is for you and nothing else. Because just as you are complex, intense, crazy, and a little broken, someone will be willing to love every part of your being. What does it matter if they say that you are fickle, there are things that should be better kept, because they make you too angry. This is what you should never do to your girlfriend according to your sign, because it is synonymous with signing goodbye. They hardly forgive, the only thing you will do is add lemon to the wound, they do not tolerate it. 


If you think it’s an exaggeration when they say that Aries is extremely explosive, you definitely haven’t seen her at her worst, because she tends to destroy everything in her path. What you should never tell him is to comply with your orders, because he hates feeling that someone else has the authority. She doesn’t like it when her partner feels entitled to interfere in her decisions as if she were a little girl. If you really want her to calm down, give her her space, because if you insist on pushing her, all you’re going to do is make her want you out of her life. You choose if you want the tender version of her or stay with the impatient one so that she is capable of saying goodbye at any moment


A woman who is always drawing up a plan in her mind is not one of those who sit still waiting for the love of their life to solve everything for them. She is very stubborn and despairs when someone interferes with her stability, in which case she has no choice but to become defensive because she does not tolerate them interfering with her steps. What you should never tell her is that she is doing the wrong thing. Come on, it’s not that she thinks she’s perfect, but it’s very annoying to receive a lot of criticism and zero solutions. She remembers that a bull lives inside her and when she gets angry, she has no mercy for anyone. Forget it, you are not going to tell Taurus that her methods do not work, because she meticulously analyzes them and does not take things at face value. If you don’t know his story, better keep quiet. 


If you respect their essence, Geminis will only show you their happy and calm side, the one that focuses on enjoying the moment and doesn’t have time to hurt anyone. However, it is enough that they touch a sensitive part for it to explode. It shows in her every gesture, he is not going to pretend that everything is fine, on the contrary, he wants you to know that your attitude bothers him and that he is not going to allow you to continue doing it. Gemini, she can insult with such intensity that she is able to bring your tears to the surface. Strong fights don’t scare her and in her heart, she harbors a little bit of rancor, which is waiting to be activated to show the worst of her sides. Let’s see, she’s not an aggressive woman, but what you should never tell her is that she exaggerates her feelings., because you have no idea how hard it was for her to open her soul, for you to hurt her with a silly comment. 


On the outside she looks like a sweet dove, she doesn’t mess with anyone, on the contrary, she focuses on being maternal, and protective, she is a woman who flees from conflicts, and when she feels pressured by something she prefers to walk away. Of course, she often listens to her intuition, but there is something that drives her crazy and awakens the beast that is inside her. What you should never tell her is that she is crazy, that you don’t understand the reason why she cries one day and wakes up the next with a smile on her face. It’s not about you understanding her, it’s just that you have the guts to stay by her side in the worst moments. She is cancer, she does not hallucinate, her heart is very big and that prevents her from taking things superficially. You are the one who is wrong for making her feel inferior, just for expressing what she feels. 


You never really know how strong a Leo woman can be, even when tears roll down her face. She is someone who doesn’t back down from anyone and is rarely offended by comments she doesn’t ask for. Let’s say that something you shouldn’t do is make her feel left out, that’s what makes her angry and sad at the same time. She finds it very frustrating that she gives her best all the time and is not valued. When Leo feels humiliated there is no turning back, she is not one of those who forgives something so harsh. She is not here for you to take out all your insecurities on her emotions. If you don’t have the time and energy to deal with her demands, leave her single instead. What he hates most is having to go around begging for remains of love. 


Call her a perfectionist if you want, but Virgo isn’t going to change her mind just because you don’t play by her rules. She is a woman who has learned to rise from the ashes because life has not been rosy and she now understands that it is part of her process. However, what you should never do is alter her things, whether material or symbolic. Virgo loves to have her own order, even when before the rest she seems that she is fighting against chaos, she knows perfectly where she has everything. Do not take lightly what is important to her, because there the only message you are giving her is that you do not care how she feels about her. If a Virgo woman doesn’t feel valued, no matter how much you tell her you love her, she’s going to walk away, because her words are nothing without deeds. 


The most beautiful lesson that Libra has learned is that saying in time that you don’t deserve to be in a place saves your life. She is no longer the woman who gave in to everything or the one who made an effort to obtain recognition from others. Now, she understands that her fight is against herself, to work hard to become the most valuable version of herself that she can. That is the reason why she does not tolerate any more and you should never treat her rudely. It is one thing to be heavy and another very different to take advantage to unleash all the anger that you carry inside. She is not willing to listen to your humiliation and in less time than a rooster crows she will put an end to the relationship. She frees, but she is reckless, do not test her, because she can melt with love for you, but if she knows that you hurt her, she will tear you from her life. 


She is a woman who knows very well that her character is difficult to take, but when it comes to helping those who need it, sweet things come from her soul, she is the one who does not leave you to your own devices, she is with you through thick and thin. bad. However, her pride is fearsome, very powerful, and with a touch of arrogance that can leave you speechless. If you don’t want her temperature to rise, the best thing you can do is respect the way she bets on life. What you should never do is criticize her, At the moment in which she feels pointed out, it is reason enough to put a stop to the relationship. Please don’t say that she didn’t warn you from the beginning, because she’s not the type of person who looks down, if she feels hurt she defends herself however she can. You realize when she’s about to leave, if she starts acting cold and distant, don’t ask her what’s wrong, because she won’t tell you, she’s just building an impulse to leave and not come back


Although it seems that Sagittarius is a woman who is always in her world and who doesn’t waste time on nonsense, when something bothers her, her angry personality appears and nothing makes her change her mind. She is a laid-back woman, she doesn’t get into trouble, but if you look for her you will find her with an attitude that you won’t like one bit. She doesn’t like to hold back, if her anger starts to flow through her body, she does nothing to stop it. What you shouldn’t do is insult her, not necessarily explicitly, she shows with your actions when you don’t respect her. She doesn’t want you to call her crazy to minimize what she feels. If the person who supposedly claims to love her doesn’t have the patience to deal with her downturns, she definitely prefers to carry on alone. 


Despite the fact that Capricorn is a woman who has strong outbursts when a bad mood takes over her being, she usually controls herself like the great ones, because she knows that it can be very hurtful and she later regrets it. She doesn’t like getting involved in relationships that make her feel worthless and so she chooses too cautiously, regardless of whether people say she’s exaggerating. Things seem perfect to her and if someone is not willing to meet her expectations, it is better for her to leave. What you should never do is demand from her, because it is already too much trouble to handle her frustration to add one more stripe to the tiger. If you have a problem with her behavior, say so in a subtle and sophisticated way, because she hates hints and abuse. 


There is no doubt that Aquarius deserves everything beautiful in the world and the ideal is that the partner who accompanies them works to give it to them. I’m not talking about anything material, I mean those moments where sighs are not forced and your free spirit feels at peace. She is a friendly, sociable woman, she does not want to feel that her partner is someone who watches her 24 hours a day. In fact, that’s what you should never do to her, don’t you dare dominate her like that because no matter how many messages you send her, she won’t answer what she is doing every second. If you don’t have the ability to trust her, better walk away, because she is not willing to lock herself in a cage to indulge your insecurities. Forget it, that type of woman is not an Aquarius. 


People often confuse the idea that having a strong character is synonymous with being arrogant and explosive, but the reality is that Pisces do not need to humiliate anyone to show that they disagree with something. Usually, she is a very patient woman, but there are times when they make her hair stand on end and then it is better that you walk away because her criticism goes straight to the jugular, she is very intense and does not like to stay with nothing saved She remembers that we are talking about a highly sensitive woman, she does not want to be hurt and that is why she prefers to put up a barrier to protect herself from her. What you should never do is deny her your attention or question what she tells you. Pisces, don’t lie, if he shares something with you it’s because it comes from his heart and the last thing he wants is for you to use his weaknesses against him. If you dare it is the first and last time you will do it, because it will leave.

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