According To Astrology: Top Of The Most Dangerous Signs

Most Dangerous Signs

According To Astrology: Top Of The Most Dangerous Signs

No matter how good we are, we all have some danger in us. Let’s not fool ourselves: if we stop to think about it, how many times has someone close to us surprised us for doing something we were sure they would not be capable of? This is because there are signs that find it very difficult to bring out their dark side, their most dangerous side. But, in life, everything has limits and we all have this weak point that, when touched, we jump. Each sign has its own ability to destroy, conquer, to get what it wants. And it will depend on us to see this most dangerous side of each one of them. This is the most dangerous thing about each zodiac sign:


The strong personality of Aries is the most dangerous thing about him. His impulsiveness and his few qualms when it comes to hurting when they’ve been messed off make them the most dangerous. They are not afraid of the consequences when they are hot and they can destroy wherever they go and with those who have unleashed their fury. Also, he can be very manipulative, so it’s not good to have him around right now. 


Taurus has a very, very good eye and has little trouble finding the weaknesses of others. Those who want to be smart with them, take it clear. Before you know it, Taurus has already been there and back 100 times. In these comings and goings, Taurus has already analyzed and organized his options; he has already drawn up the plan to execute with which to finish off those who have betrayed him. 


Geminis, in addition to a sharp tongue, is very cunning. He knows how to use everything he has to his advantage and get the most out of it. There is no situation that they do not know how to face and when they get angry, they can become very manipulative. So, be careful with Geminis when he opens his mouth because he is not going to shut up any of them. But that none. 


Cancer is capable of ridiculing anyone with almost no effort at all. They are usually people who like peace, tranquility, and stability, but they also know how to defend themselves when necessary. And setting up scenes is what they do best. A Cancer is dangerous because he doesn’t mince words when it comes to spilling all the truth about others. 


Leo is one of the best strategists and does not hesitate to use his intuition and power when playing mind games with others. They are very subtle and it is difficult to see them coming, so it is very easy to fall into their networks. They are great mentalists, who find it very easy to sow doubt. Even the most self-confident end up doubting everything in his presence if they wish.  


Virgo is dangerous when angry because they have no qualms. He is not afraid of consequences and even in this, he seeks perfection. A Virgo is a very intelligent person who finds it very easy to ridicule others. But if there’s something really dangerous about them, it’s his ability to hit where it hurts the most. They are experts at finding sensitive spots. 


It is not easy to fool a Libra and herein lies one of their strengths. Libra is most intuitive and very diplomatic. He is capable of stripping anyone of all reason and making them feel most guilty if they want to. Libra is not one of the most dangerous in the Zodiac, but it is not good to play with him.


The coldness and thirst for revenge of a Scorpio are what makes him most dangerous. But, there is something to highlight and that is that they can quickly get into the heads of others. A Scorpio can destroy from within if they want to, so they should not be very careful with them in this regard.


Sagi knows when it is necessary to manipulate others a little. Come on, it’s a love and one of the happiest in the Zodiac, but if you mess with it a lot, you can come to hate yourself. They are capable of making you see what is black as white and they can “crush” you so much (without you being aware of it) that when you do, it will be too late. 


Capri is dangerous because of her great emotional intelligence. He is not only able to resist the attacks of others, but he ends up demotivating whoever he is. No matter how much we do, if he wants to, we won’t see him affected in the slightest. Our morale will drop and that’s when he makes use of his skills. He will enhance a person’s weaknesses so much that they will not even know that they have good things.


Innovation is a very marked trait in Aquarius and they are capable of using it in any facet of their life. And this is what makes it so dangerous. We can never predict how an Aquarius will act or where it will turn out. In addition, he knows how to walk through life alone and does not usually have many weak points, which makes him difficult to control and manipulate. 


As good as it is, Pisces also has its dark side. When he gets angry, his character is also very marked. He can become the devil in an angel mask. It’s not often you see this part of them, but when you wake her up, we assure you that you won’t like being next to her, let alone being her target. 

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