According To Astrologers, These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Never Get Married

According to astrologers, these 4 zodiac signs will never get married

Getting married is something everyone dreams of, isn’t it? Many have been planning this special day all their lives – from the venue, the outfit to the guest list. You have already determined everything in advance and are eagerly looking forward to this day.

They can’t wait for their wedding and look forward to finally celebrating this day with the person they will spend the rest of their lives with.

But there are also people who do not feel like getting married. You can do without this romantic occasion because you like your freedom and individuality. Perhaps it doesn’t even occur to them to spend their whole life with one person.

Or they want a long-term relationship but just aren’t keen on the covenant of marriage. What is a fairy tale dream for many is pure horror for others, which they absolutely want to avoid.

Not everyone is made for marriage! 

According to astrology, these are the 4 zodiac signs that would not like to get married:


Geminis are not so sure about the idea of ​​marriage and would prefer to avoid talking about it, too. Rather, they feel that marriage brings monotony and boredom into their lives and makes them feel attached to their partner.

The worst part for a Gemini is feeling restricted. Therefore, he never has the idea of ​​going into marriage on his own. He just doesn’t see any advantages in it.

Although these people are known to be very friendly and communicative, they sometimes lose their bearings or get distracted. This is also due to their personality. Geminis are certainly interested in spending time with someone they love, but most of the time they see their partner not as a lifelong companion, but rather as a short adventure.

Her lively personality is amazing and fascinating. This is why many people are interested in a relationship with a Gemini.

But if you want to bring up a serious topic like a wedding or a long-term relationship with your twin in the hope that they would propose to you, then they will quickly thwart your plans. Gemini loves their independence and freedom so much that they won’t deviate from them so easily.


Aries-born people have mood swings and are stubborn in many ways. They like to have the freedom to do what they want and how they want to. They don’t like the idea of ​​being accountable or responsible for anyone in life. That is why the covenant of marriage would feel like handcuffs to an Aries.

This zodiac sign is known for making its own rules and has its own standards of living.

Aries are known to be very demanding and never seem to compromise or change their minds. He is mostly the one who tries to convince others of his opinion. He finds it difficult to understand other people’s views. 

Aries usually rejects things that don’t meet their standards or don’t fit their worldview.

Therefore, he avoids entering into marriage or making any other promises for the future. Sometimes he even prefers to be single rather than having a relationship with someone because it is just more comfortable and convenient for him to be alone.


Virgos are often too busy getting ahead in life and working towards their goals. They are always busy taking care of small details and even easily convince you as a partner that they will get married when everything is cleared up. But for perfectionist virgins everything is never settled and that is why they usually remain unmarried all their lives.

These zodiac signs are also unable to show their feelings and open up. They find it difficult to express their emotions to their partner or to tell them about what is going on inside them.

At first you can tell that they have deep feelings, but in time these feelings will go away and be replaced by silence. A Virgo is usually very withdrawn and tries to hide her emotions. 

This is counterproductive in a relationship as the couple has no chance to exchange ideas and build a deeper trust.

There is no way Virgos want to become dependent. Therefore, they seem to shy away from long-term commitments to a partner. For this reason, a marriage does not even come into the bag!


Sagittarius are independent and self-sufficient people who like their own society and have their own quirks and eccentricities. You are always on the go and ready for the next adventure. That’s why they’re rarely at home on the couch. They don’t usually lead a normal life. Sagittarius therefore never feel the need to have a partner or to marry.

Marriage is not for them because they are too independent. Since these people love their freedom, they don’t want to give up their freedom because of their relationship. And between all of their plans, there is usually little time left for such a big commitment as marriage.

These zodiac signs are also known to have many friends and seem to spend a lot more time with friends than with their partners. The thought of a serious relationship can make them run away, especially if they are narrowed or pushed into anything.   A Sagittarius will shut down when he realizes that he can no longer freely decide what to do or where to go.


According To Astrologers These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Never Get Married

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