Often, everyone needs someone to remind you what you should not do, or what you should do at any given time. In August, you have to warn of some things, at least, before they can screw up much more. It is an intense month for many and astrological movements help make this happen. Therefore, we have prepared some tips … Be careful:



Since when was the superpower of knowing perfectly what others think about you Aries born? Do not get carried away by your impulsiveness in that way in August Aries, because you are taking for granted things that may only be your perception. There are many things that you would change about a particular person, we know, but you cannot award something to someone who is not in the same boat as you … In other words? That you can not continue to think that this person does what he does to annoy you or for some purpose that goes against you … If you doubt, talk, try to solve it that way, let things take for granted to stay only with what you think, It is not a good way forward. And you know.



Do not wear your breastplate again when the discussions do not take the course you want or when you do not agree with someone of your Taurus friends, because that way you do not advance, you do not solve anything and in the end, who ends up taking it home and having a bad time is you … Do not be afraid to show your emotions, to say what you really think Taurus, is not going to burn half a city to open the crap box once a year. Think like this: if you do, you already leave it clean and that weight that you take off … Try to count to ten before starting any conversation in which you know you are going to have differences because it is more worth a performance with sincerity and education, which Shut up and don’t talk about it anymore.



What are you doing right now Gemini? Don’t go crazy, because you know it very, very well. Let it be the last time you let go of your dreams and your goals to accommodate the dreams of others. Do not give up your dreams Gemini. We know that in a way you do it for not losing what you now have, for having more loving stability and for not looking for you any more problems, but life is a Gemini and we have to live it as we want and not looking at the availability of others, they will or will not be in it … Do not let them confuse you, do not let negativity come to you and make you strong to make you falter again, because you deserve to be happy at once. ALREADY.



Hello, earth calling Cancer. Do you receive us Because it seems that you are on the Moon and never better … Cancer, stop waiting next year to start changing the chip and do it NOW. Stop delaying your process of change towards a much more confident Cancer, without so many fears, with more life projects, and with enthusiasm. Take the posture that you know makes you eat the world in one sitting because when you really value yourself it is when you rather do and know it. You do not have to continue with a routine that you do not like or that does not complement what you really want, you do not have to settle or wait for … No, no and no Cancer, it is time to act and fight for your dreams.



Stop implanting times, goals and paths that you know are not for you Leo. Do not even think about changing one iota of your dreams because those dreams do not conform to the dreams of your people, because you want to be different and you want things that nobody else wants does not mean that you are falling behind … Life is not a competition to see who has the best car, the best job or the best leaf of the most exclusive tree in the world … Life is a path that can take many directions, yes, but there is only one chance to live it, and you have to be in the way that we like the most and not how others want … Stop putting aside your happiness for what others may or may not say.



Virgo? It’s you? Because we are beginning to suspect that you are someone who pretends to be Virgo because giving much importance to what others may think of you at all is something that defines you and you know it. Obviously we all have moments like that, but stop doing things for what they can say or, inhibit you and not be how you are for the appearances you can give, it is already the straw that fills the glass … Put yourself first, do what you Of the will. Be more Virgo than ever, but DO NOT worry more about the image that others have about you, because right now those who matter are yours and they really know you. Do your best for Virgo. Now and always.



Obvious, of course. What are you doing right now Libra is it beneficial for you? You know that no. You are staying in your comfort zone due to many external factors, but not by your own choice. We are going to warn you of something very important and serious for you, Libra: last time you excuse others or that you even excuse yourself. Last time you are left without doing something because of social pressure or because you see that your friends or your family do not fully agree with that decision, because today you may feel super good son or friend with your people, but in a Tomorrow you will regret having done what you really wanted in every moment. To move forward, you have to let go and release Libra … Think about it, there are people who have to leave your side NOW.



Clear warning for someone who is not to assume very well the warnings that do not fall within their ideals: Stop putting pressure, work, nerves and anxiety on Scorpio. What are your people next to you? Listen, let alone we are telling you to carry all the problems with them and that you do not care for yourself to the fullest, but what you cannot do is carry all the weight on your own Scorpio … You have to rely more on the responsibility of the people you have in your closest circle of friends. What’s the use of having support if you don’t turn to him when you need him? Think about it … You’ll end up burning more than ever and this time, it’s going to be solely because of you …



Do not impose the shell of “very free and independent person who neither feels nor suffers and who does not care about everything” because you know that you have nothing Sagittarius … In a way, you are moving away from your life to people who could do things Very pretty in it and you do it out of fear. Because of distrust, due to lack of time or because you want to be alone and exclusively with what you have and nothing else. It is a very strange attitude in you because you are the most sociable person on earth, but as soon as you notice that someone wants more with you, you banish it as best you can, as if it were your self-defense mechanism so that nobody new will disappoint you again Or to play with your friendship. Don’t let your doubts take you away from really good people …


Capricorn, be careful. Be very careful to think that sometimes you are someone toxic to the person who loves you most because that is not true. Everyone makes mistakes, okay? nobody is perfect and it is good to be afraid because thanks to him we know that we are alive, but thinking negatively about you is the wrong way. If you know you have things to change or soften, do it. And if you see that you do not want or that you cannot do it alone, do it by the hand of the friend who best understands you, but do not shut up and eat it by yourself, or Capricorn, because there is nothing better than being able to evolve and realize Yes, we can move forward and be the success we want to become. Stop assuming things that are not good for you.


Nothing to allow, let go and forget the actions of your people that you do not like, that hurt you or that give you a very bad thorn Aquarius. We know that you are the most carefree person in the world, that you don’t care about everything and that you accept everyone with their pros and cons, but that should not give you wings to lower your own standards so that the people of around you be at ease with your company … Whoever really loves you, will do it with the entire package. With your bad mood, your madness, and your pot comings. With all AQUARIUS. And who does not, thank you, because that way you will know who to throw out of your life once and for all. Stop putting yourself in second place or not giving importance to this topic and VALUE YOURSELF.


Zero weird thoughts in this month of August Pisces, that first. If your people ignore you and don’t answer the messages in the first five minutes that have elapsed since you sent the message, relax and then look at the phone again, but at 5 hours, okay? Do not assume that if they do not answer you it is because they are angry or because they do not want to know anything about you … Send the trash once and for all those fears Pisces. Seriously, stop assuming once everything comes down to you, or that you have been able to do something wrong, or that some of your answers have hurt. Because you reach your own solo conclusion that deep down you don’t know if they can be true or not and that, in the end, it ends up affecting you and not in a very good way .. And you know Pisces. This is the never-ending story.