Whether privately or at work – for these three zodiac signs the week from August 2nd to August 8th will be a single up and down

In the first week of August, things get pretty chaotic with three zodiac signs

Some zodiac signs are currently on cloud nine and seem to have one lucky streak after another. Unfortunately, this does not apply to these three zodiac signs, because they start a bit bumpy into the first week of August. Heads up!


Although it is actually exactly its time, the first week of August does not look particularly rosy for the fire sign. On the one hand, there are disagreements in the family environment that may boil over this week. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to be doing well financially. So leave your hands on daring investments and try to deal sensitively with the concerns of your loved ones, dear Leo.


We know the ambitious Virgos do a lot for their careers. Still, a good work-life balance is important to stay healthy. According to the horoscope for the earth sign, it is particularly worthwhile to reduce the stress level in the first week of August, because the body needs rest to draw new energy. Dear Virgo, treat yourself to something, you deserve it!


With Capricorns, from an astrological point of view, complications will arise especially when it comes to love. Your partner may feel constrained by you and you have to try to give him or her more freedom. The following applies to the earth sign: Communicate your feelings openly, then you will be able to get the problems out of the way together. Singles have little luck with dating in the first week. But don’t worry, things are looking much better in the second half of the month.


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