Well, when you know that a surprise is waiting for you, you can usually hardly bear it out of sheer curiosity. It is usually even greater than the anticipation of the great news. According to the horoscope, it is exactly the same for three zodiac signs at the end of August. You can look forward to a surprise. Who does this concern? Are you reading here!

According to the horoscope: A surprise awaits these zodiac signs


Taurus born are one thing above all else: real creatures of habit. This harbors the risk that they will quickly fall into a stupid rut. Do you recognize yourself in it?

Good news: Your best friend (whom you haven’t seen for too long by the way!) Will come to visit spontaneously at the end of August. Look forward to a super relaxed weekend with good conversations, even better wines and lots of happy moments. Our horoscope is certain: this will help to break out of your daily routine.

Knew? Taurus and Leo make a perfect friendship match , because the fire sign loves pleasure just like Taurus – but also manages to push it through its self-confident and optimistic manner. Cool!


One could be really jealous of you! Your planet Jupiter gives you a lot of luck as Sagittarius – and that in all situations! It is all the more surprising that your dearest wish for 2021 has not yet come true: to add a fluffy four-legged friend to your family.

Although you have already been to various animal shelters, it didn’t really fit until now – but hey, cheer up: at the end of the month the spark still seems to jump over … 


While others on Instagram upload their perfect vacation photos every minute (grrrr!), You sit at your desk and try to work through your long to-do list. Your career-driven life is actually fulfilling as a virgin – but this summer you have the feeling that you finally have to experience something again. To get out of your daily grind and see the world – at least as much of it as the current situation allows.

The stars predict that your wish will come true very soon!

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