A strong woman needs a man by her side who is stronger than she is

Are you a strong woman?

If someone asked me that question, I didn’t know what my answer would be.

I think that only someone else can tell if we are strong or not because we often criticize ourselves and say to ourselves that we are weak because sometimes we don’t know how to deal with some situations.

I know many strong women and maybe these women see me as one of them.

I have a friend who is the strongest woman I know.

She is a single parent (she has three children), works full time and her mother, who is ill, lives with her and the children.

Such a woman should get a medal because she can do everything in one day that I couldn’t do in three days.

…and when I see her beaming and listening to everyone who needs her, I can only RESPECT! to say.

She enjoys life, she has a clear mind and a loud voice.

When I see how hard she works and how hard she loves, I realize that some people are more special than others.

My girlfriend is not rude and arrogant.

She is kind, has a good soul and is always there when needed.

She goes through life with a straight back and head held high and needs a strong man when she needs support.

She once told me that a man told her that he was afraid to speak to her.

He said that she exudes strength and that he felt no man was worthy of her.

Such a woman knows what she wants from life and when she gets up she knows how her day will go and whatever that day brings will not affect her mood because she carries peace and strength within her.

Strong woman and the men

Strong women have a problem with men: some of them are afraid of strong women and don’t have the courage to date them.

Men have a problem understanding strong women because they are strong-willed and courageous.

Because men are of the opinion that women are the weaker love and are not as strong as men.

The strong women have had many struggles that have broken them, but they have learned to pick themselves up again and have never given up.

A lot of strong women have been hurt in the past and don’t have time for games now and that’s why many men stay away from them because they can’t manipulate with such a woman.

A strong woman doesn’t need a boy who can’t decide what he wants in life, but a mature man who has both feet on the ground.

The biggest difference between a boy and a man is that the man doesn’t walk away from a woman when things go wrong, but take responsibility and act as an adult.

No mature man runs away from problems, but solves them together with his wife.

Strong women have no time for games and uncertainties when looking for a partner.

They want men who will fight for this.

…men who never stop chasing the women they love, even when they already have them.

A strong woman needs a man who is even stronger than she is because she is constantly evolving and needs someone who can keep up.

A strong woman needs an emotionally strong man

When a strong woman isn’t feeling well, she needs a strong man to care for her.

Because a strong woman is used to always being strong for many people around her, she needs someone in her life who will be strong for her at times.

You deserve strong arms to hold you tight when it’s about to fall apart.

A strong woman needs a man who will pull her out of the darkness and bring her into the light when she gets lost in life.

Strong women desire a pair of lips that will speak kind words that will lift them up when they fall.

A strong woman need a man who loves unconditionally and strong

A strong woman carries a lot of love within and shares it with everyone who needs her love.

These women don’t want mediocre love, they’re looking for a strong connection.

They’re not just looking for someone to love – they’re looking for a soulmate.

They want someone who will enrich their life and that they will stay with this man until the end of their lives.

A man who never leaves her is exactly what she needs – and she doesn’t want a boy who doesn’t think about the future.

A strong woman needs a man who respects her freedom

Every strong woman has her own life and doesn’t want to be tied to a man because she built her own life.

The strong women need a man who will support them and not hold them back from their dreams.

Such a woman needs her time to achieve her goals.

This type of woman has a large circle of friends and needs the time with them to unwind.

She doesn’t just want to stick to the man because she is full of life and has a lot to give to many people.

A strong woman needs a man who will grow with her

Strong women deserve men who will recognize and acknowledge their strengths and show them respect for all they are.

A man should celebrate their victories and sustain them in their failures.

Only an emotionally strong man can handle the intelligence, honesty, love and strength that a strong woman brings.

A strong woman needs a confident man

A man should bring self-esteem when starting a relationship with a strong woman because she will not put any energy into cultivating his confidence.

A man with no self-confidence is still a child and his mother should take care of him.

Women deserve men who are confident in their abilities and comfortable in their own skin.

A strong woman needs a man by her side who is stronger than she is

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