There are times when we could use a good instruction manual to not screw it up eight thousand times in the same day. Yes, it is true, we would have the luxury of having endless advice for all our problems, why fool ourselves, it would make our lives easier. To be honest? Each person is a world and it is very difficult to find a global council that is good for everyone, so, here we leave you a mini advice exclusively made for each sign of the zodiac. Each one carries a unique essence. Here we go:



Learn to take the shocking news in a more positive way. Learn to calm down when you’re about to explode Aries. For you, for your family and above all, for your well-being. You have to enjoy the time you spend with each and every loved one in your life and DO NOT give any attention and time to the small problems that appear. Whatever it has to be, it will be Aries, but our little advice is that you do everything you have not done and want to do. That you invest a lot of happiness and positivity in all the activities and moments that you have with yours. Do not regret what you could do and did not do for not having a good day …


Try to live the moment without having to control until the time you are going to stop living it. Taurus, stop timing everything. It’s really tiring and you know it. You work too much for everything to go the way you want it to go and you know what? That while your head is stuck in all that stress, your heart cries out to you to stop for a while and leave your ass still without constantly thinking about what you have to do or not do for tomorrow…. Let the present make you fall in love and make your head crazy with all its pros and cons, let everything flow for at least a day in a row Taurus, it will not give you any heart attack by leaving control aside. You know. Don’t be a dramas.


Let yourself help. Let yourself be advised and above all, LET YOURSELF LOVE. Gemini, or you start to slow down, or you may end up unable to move and with much more serious problems. Our little advice is that you leave the stubborn side at once, nothing is going. What the hell is wrong with Gemini? Be a little more responsible with your own life and your health and begin to get rid of responsibilities that are not just yours. Don’t drown in a glass of water, okay? If you have many things to do, ask for help and period, to move the ass around the world around you … Try to do some yoga and take great care of those nerves … They are losing the north, the south …


I walked past. What happened to you two days ago and what made you think you are a useless being, is water already passed Cancer. Do not go to the days, moments and hours in which your internal confidence left on your side … Cancer, our advice is fast, simple and very effective: TRUST MORE ON YOU. Trust that you will end up having what you want so much. Trust your power, in your interior, in that sixth sense so witch you always have with you … What could not be and what you wanted to have, you do not have it for a simple reason: IT WAS NOT FOR YOU. Cancer, trust your instinct a lot, seriously, you didn’t leave that black hole in your day to get into a much worse one, and you know …


Learn to say NO of a f*cking time to the loves of the old past that stepped on you and shattered your heart. Leo, what do you wish to clear your eyes once and for all? We know that it is very difficult for you to ignore carnal desires, we understand it perfectly, but it seems that drama has become a permanent chapter in your life at this step … Do not complain that it hurts, if it punctures you again, knowing that you you can cut … Stop, think with a very cold head and take responsibility for your actions Leo. Decide on a whore who goes out and who enters your life, do not leave the door wide open, that the clamp is gone and you return to the same as always …


Virgo, get this is a perfectly structured cement head: NO ONE HAS TO THINK EXACTLY LIKE YOU. It is what there is Virgo, to pretend that the world has more or less the same criteria that we have, is a waste of time. Do not you know the headache that you can save by being more pasota? Come on Virgo, let that continuous distrust go to hell for a while and try to relax more. Let yourself go, express yourself much more (even in your own way, strong, cold and firm) but show that your heart is softer than a cotton candy. That you all like it, seriously, it will come with pearls….


Express yourself without having to resort to those hieroglyphs of yours that understand us or the most geek and intelligent people on earth. Libra, you are very transparent for some things, but for the theme of “expressing to the world what you feel” you are a real concrete wall. Seriously, yours is not normal. You want the world to understand and understand you, but you don’t want to tell the world exactly what is happening to you. Do you think everyone is a fortune teller? Well, no. If you have something to say, shoot. If not, you swallow it forever, but don’t pretend that the world guesses it. Zero fears and prejudices, because in the end that is what hurts you Libra …


You have to learn to manage those paths of humor that you get when you can no longer Scorpio. That you have a very difficult character, does not excuse you from ANYTHING. Just as you learned in your day to be more witch / or than ever, you also have to do it to be consistent with what you do, say or stop doing … We advise you to try to control your anger on time and accept the consequences They are born when you can’t control it. In other words? That you are going to have to eat the bad faces and the shitty character of the people who are angry with you. It is the least you can do for yourself and them. Count to one hundred if necessary, but control yourself.


You have to learn to know WAIT and not despair waiting. You understand? Do not give EVERYTHING from the first minute Sagittarius, even if you die of desire, you have to leave a little mystery around you … People get hooked very quickly to you, but do you know what happens? That you are the intensity in person and you give everything from the first minute. People end up getting tired and then they go to another victim and you, how do you stay Sagittarius? Well, with a very bad taste and with the feeling that they have again abused your friendship and your generosity … Do yourself a favor and be a much more selective person for everything. It will benefit you.


Learn to use your sixth sense with more intelligence. You know perfectly well that it can detect bad people in a matter of seconds. You know Capricorn, so why do you become a cold stone with everyone? Why don’t you open up to people you know is good for you? We know you’re probably thinking this: I don’t do it, because I don’t feel like it, period. You know, goat, but that’s not fair to you. Although the world is sometimes bullshit, they do not have to pay just for sinners … Learn to share everything you feel, it is such a healthy way of liberation … Learn to love and LOVE YOU.


You should learn to express much better what Aquarius really feels. As far as we know, there are still no researchers from grunts and extremely opaque gestures. In other words? That reaching your mind and guessing what is happening to you at every moment, is a very impossible mission. You cannot always be in that loop of mystery and maximum freedom and not let anyone help you and listen to you a little more than half an hour…. Do not think that, when you open yourself at last, someone will discover it and make a lake to harm you … Leave that kind of distrust in the garbage, because they do not help you anything. Go out, enjoy, SPEAK, and have a lot of fun …


When you see that you are going to relive a story that you already closed and that you don’t want to relive again, go away. Without giving explanations. Without excusing yourself, go as soon as possible Pisces. You have to learn how to emotionally detach yourself from the sites and people that make you sick. Do not be sorry for not being able to be or for being selfish and look first for you, because people who do you wrong, have no pain when they do something bad to you … You know Pisces … You have to learn to better manage that witch gift of yours that warns you and sends you little fish signals … When something stinks, even if it looks very good, let it go. Go away, don’t even touch it, even with a stick …

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