A Girl Who Has Problems Of Trust You Suppliera Not To Do These 12 Things

1. Do not arrive late without warning.

A girl like her will always think the worst. Everytime.

Do not let the woman you care about worry about where you are and what you are doing.

Do not let her imagine you in a ditch somewhere, lying defenseless. Just send a text, so she can sleep.

2. Do not lose your temper because of his insecurities.

It was a problem for her well before your arrival. You have nothing to do with that.

Either you will try to understand it, or you can leave. Do not expect her to change who she is – just be by her side.

3. Do not approach her if your intentions are not pure.

Do not waste your time or his. You can not mislead a person who has problems with trust.

Over time, women who have problems with trust have developed an intuition when it comes to others.

They know exactly who to trust and who not. You will not succeed in making it work, so do not even try.

4. Do not flirt with other women.

I know that flirting is technically not the same as deceiving, but for her, yes.

Anything that has to do with the slightest violation of her trust is a wake-up call for her.

So, if you really love her and you care about her, you’re not going to flirt with anyone, even if it’s harmless. Because it’s not for her. Respect that.

5. Do not lose your nerves while you are with her.

You have to be patient. This is the kind of girl who will not give herself to you right away.

She will be careful and it will take time to lower her guard. Do not force things. Wait until she takes the first step.

You’ll know it’s ready, and it’ll be a moment you’ll remember all your life.

6. Do not avoid answering when she asks you something.

She will immediately believe that you are hiding something. If you are not comfortable with what she asked you, be honest and admit it.

She will appreciate and respect him more than if you lie to him. The lies can only raise doubts about your relationship, which is enough for her to start looking for a way out.

7. Do not pretend to listen.

Believe me, she will know it. You do not even need to be a good listener, but at least try to be careful and listen to what she tells you.

As I said before, you do not need to be good at it – it will appreciate just the effort you make.

8. Lying is out of the question.

Do not even lie on the smallest thing. If she surprises you in the lie, she will never trust you again.

It all starts with the loss of confidence in someone, and everything will fall apart from there.

9. Do not just talk in the air.

Actions matter. So, please, support what you say by doing something. She needs it.

10. Never give him a reason to doubt you.

Girls with trust issues do not need much to start doubting, so keep that promise in mind.

When you say you are doing something, do it. If you think you can not, do not say you will. The important thing is to be honest with her.

11. Never joke about cheating on her and never cheat on her.

Maybe for you, joking about finding someone else is funny, but it’s not funny for her.

She’ll take you seriously, maybe she’ll pretend to laugh at you, but inside she’ll hurt.

12. Do not be too transparent when you are with attractive women.

Nobody says you should not notice a s*xy woman going by, but you do not necessarily have to drool over it.

Stay cool. Watch it for a second, and try not to show it to your girlfriend. It will not bother her as long as you stay cool.

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