9 ways the beautifully broken girl loves differently (girls love it when …)

The girl brave enough to love deeply is beautiful and sad. The nice thing is that in her past there was probably someone she believed in more than anyone else.

The sad thing is that the same person probably spoiled them a bit.

But the beautifully broken girl bears scars with the greatest pride:

1) She knows extreme luck.

She knows what it is like to wake up excited every day and look forward to the next day. She knows what it is like to look at someone and see perfection, beauty, and all that is good in someone else’s eyes.

2) She saw extreme sadness.

She saw her reflection in the mirror with mascara-streaked eyes. She saw someone she didn’t recognize. She knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom.

3) She knows how strong she is.

If there is one thing that she is most proud of, it is her strength and her ability to do something. Even on her worst days, she knows that she is able to overcome anything.

4) She had to pick up the pieces of her heart.

She knows what it is like to lead a completely deaf life and only perform movements.

5) She knows her worth because someone treated her as if she were worthless.

She knows what she has to offer. And she will not be satisfied with average. Someone may have gotten away with not treating them well in the past. He set the template for something that will never happen again.

6) She protects herself, but she still believes in love.

She will protect her heart because she gave it away too quickly and easily once. In her sheltered heart, she knows that there is beauty to love.

7) She can’t give her whole heart right away.

If she has learned anything, it is that she must be selective about matters of the heart. She will not give you her whole heart at once but will give it to you bit by bit over time.

8) She won’t be afraid to tell you her story.

The beautifully broken has a past behind her that has made her exactly who she is. When she tells you just listen. When the tears run down her face, she looks at you and you see her in her most honest moment. It’s your job to wipe away the tears and just hold onto them.

9) She won’t be afraid to love you …

She’s just afraid of not being loved back.


9 ways the beautifully broken girl loves differently (girls love it when ...)

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