9 signs that you are going out with a man, NOT with a boy

“I was a little boy once, now I’m a man. It took me 29 years to get there, but I finally got there… ”Unfortunately, most men can’t say that.

And that’s because age has absolutely nothing to do with being a man. Age is just a number that defines who he really is. The problem, however, is that most women spend their time turning boys into men – at least most women try.

Well, that stops today. If you’re going out with a boy, it depends on you whether you want to be a woman and continue with your life.

9 signs that you’re going out with a man, not a boy

1. Boys avoid unpleasant conversations – men know how to meet their needs.

Even the best relationships have problems. It is inevitable that you will do or say something that he does not like. Boys are passively aggressive, while a real man will have a productive conversation with you … even if it’s a little uncomfortable.

2. Boys just want to switch off – men invest their time and energy in the right woman.

There is a moment in every man’s life when he realizes that a relationship makes him much happier than chasing a “new one” every night. If you only hear from him on Saturdays at 1 a.m., he’s not ready to give up the gimmicks. Go ahead and find a grown man.

3. Guys will compliment you to get your pants on – men compliment you because they want you to feel good.

There is a big difference between a compliment that you can get something with and a compliment that you can give. Real men are givers because they know that a real woman will return the favour.

4. Boys live day after day – men work hard to create a future for themselves and the woman next to them.

If you just focus on making yourself happy, you can party every night and laze around every day. As soon as you realize that other people are dependent on you, you are ready to make the sacrifices you need to support your family.

5. Boys are intimidated by clever women – men are stimulated by them.

If he’s not sure about his own intellect, he won’t dare with a smart girl. The boy stays in his comfort zone while a real man wants the challenge of an intelligent woman.

6. Boys make promises they can’t keep – men say it and are serious.

One of the biggest mistakes a man can make is telling a woman that he loves her when he doesn’t mean it. These are little boys who are just trying to make a girl happy. A real man will honestly tell a woman how he feels and what he feels when he actually feels it. And if the feelings are not there, he will not invent them.

7. Guys avoid the possibility of rejection – men face their fears and respond to them.

The thing is, both men and boys hate being rejected – no matter who you are, being rejected is crappy. Only a real man will overcome his fears and still go on because you are worth it.

8. Guys don’t usually set priorities – a man understands what matters most and makes you a priority.

A real man wants to spend his time with the people who are important to him. And when he goes out with you, you are important to him. He will want to be with you and only with you.

9. Boys get you ready – men encourage and support you.

Anxious little boys will try to drag a woman down to protect themselves. A real man understands that if his wife grows as a woman, he will grow as a man.

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