9 Signs Indicating That You Are Missing It (And What It Actually Means)


How do you know what it really means when a guy tells you that you miss him?

There is probably no sign that really decrypts such a coded message. It is impossible to be 100% sure of one’s honesty.

It’s hard to know if he’s sincere or just wants to sleep with you.

Maybe you will end the broken heart because you have been the victim of an eternal player or maybe you will be happy for the rest of your life in a perfect relationship.

Do not you want to know which of these possibilities will be true in your case? Of course you want to.

The relationship is quite complex without adding additional problems. When you think about it, the question is not as serious compared to what you are currently asking.

You will already have to deal with tons of challenges and conflicting messages and will not want to think about what it means when he says you miss him.

You have to pay attention to all the signs because sometimes people refuse to see the truth even when it is right in front of their eyes. When we are in love, we can not see clearly.

Sometimes our need for love prevents us from seeing our situation as it is.

Sometimes a man cares little about us and we refuse to accept it because we refuse to see the truth.

Try to stay objective. Try to balance things between logic and your feelings. I know it’s difficult because when the heart wants something, it’s hard to do otherwise.

But for your own sake and to avoid heartbreak in the near future, be careful, at least in the beginning.

Try to consider your situation from a different angle. Consider the things that happen to you and bother you as if they happen to one of your acquaintances.

Put yourself in his place and do what you advise him to do.

Here’s the first thing to do before considering other methods. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

If it were so easy, women would not be obsessed with what it means when a man tells them they miss them.

Even if you read the signs correctly and if the reasons he says you miss him seem to be in your favor, nothing says he will stay with you forever.

There is no magic formula that makes it stay, just because people are changing. The things they love change as well as their behaviors.

Nobody can guarantee you that, even if you miss him now, you will miss him forever.

But enough talk about the future. Let’s focus on what’s bothering you right now.

If you encounter such problems and are unable to understand what is going on in your head and want to protect yourself from a possible heartbreak, discover these famous signs.

What does it really mean when a guy tells you that you miss him?

1. It sends you messages

That means he really wants to communicate with you. Perhaps he feels alone and wants to be in your presence.

I know it’s difficult to decide: does he write because he needs something or because you really miss him and want to be with you?

But it is easy to answer this question by analyzing the way he writes to you and the way you respond to him.

Do the following little experiment: ignore his messages for a few hours and see what happens.

If his intentions are bad, he will certainly not bother to rewrite you. He will take your silence for a negative answer.

But if he rewrites you, then there is something. He will want to know if he too misses you.

The fact is that he will do everything he can to prolong your conversation simply because you miss him terribly.

2. He tells you that you miss him in public

Maybe he called you and during your conversation he was very serious while his colleagues were next.

He did not want to isolate himself in a quieter place to talk to you in private. This probably means he has a hidden agenda.

He wants everyone to hear your conversation. He does nabob to hide his insecurities.

Be careful, in such a situation it is possible that you are only a toy intended to enable him to prove his own value.

But maybe he calls you to tell you that you miss him and just to show others that he has a girlfriend and that he loves her terribly.

This shows you instantly that there is no question of flaunting his love but rather to keep the face in front of others.

You do not need that because this type of love does not last. Finally, if it will last but as long as it will please him.

3. He contacts you via social networks

That someone misses you does not necessarily mean that you are in a relationship. Someone may miss you while you broke up.

Someone may miss you while you have just seen it on the street.

The boy working in the mall where you brought your computer for repair may also be missing.

The fact that you miss someone is not necessarily related to being in a relationship.

If a guy is “harassing” you on social networks when you’ve never gone out together, he’s probably crazy about you and misses you because he never won you over.

If someone with whom you came out sends you messages via social networks, bombard you with likes and comments, this is definitely a sign that you miss him and he wants to go out with you again – he wants you to come back.

If you have been separated for some time but continue to contact you and follow your profiles, it is clear that he has not moved on.

4. He wants you to send him photos

This is clearly a sign that you miss him, but in what sense, that is the question.

Maybe it’s a dirty ass or maybe it’s innocent.

That is why I was saying earlier the importance of paying attention to the signs that you miss him and their meaning because the boundary between a positive sign and a negative (or pleasant and unpleasant) sign is very fine.

It is possible that he just wants you and so, he wants a photo to satisfy his desires.

On the other hand, maybe he asks for a photo because you really miss him and he wants to have you virtually at his side.

He wants to see your face because it makes him happy. He wants to think of you every time he catches his phone.

He wants to use every moment of free time to look at this face he misses terribly – yours.

5. He insists on seeing you

When you miss a guy, he will clearly want to see you.

He probably insists on seeing you and for you to meet again, he is talking about a new meeting.

It is an undeniable sign of his desire. You really interest him and he probably wants more than what you have right now.

Of course, this can have two meanings. Maybe he tells you that you miss him by having an idea behind his head and wanting to use you.

The only way to check it is to wait for him to make an effort and do something to see you.

Words do not mean much if they are not followed by acts.

Be smart and patient, wait until he proves his sincere desire to see you and the fact that you miss him.

6. He is jealous

If he is jealous without being extreme, it means that you really miss him.

A man needs to show the world that you are his.

He wants everyone to know that you are taken and that others should take care of their business and try to find happiness elsewhere because you are his.

This can be very annoying. This can be stifling but as long as it stays in the norm, no risk.

On the other hand, some people have serious problems.

There are men who take control because they do not trust you.

Maybe they are too frightened that you leave them and then they imagine things and situations become disproportionate.

And when you confront them about it, they will make sure that they love you and that their actions are only a testimony of the fact that you miss them.

Be careful and do not let anyone take away your freedom or restrict you in any way.

If you realize that this is what he is doing, it is not that you miss him but that he has a serious problem.

7. His friends give you clues

You were both in a relationship and broke up.

The time has passed and it’s been a while since you’ve heard from him, but his friends give you clues, meaning he’s not going to anything else and you miss him.

He is probably too shy to tell you himself, and he wants to let you breathe.

Here is a definite sign that you miss him and that he wants you back.

Maybe he realized that he was an idiot and so he does not want to force you to talk to him or annoy you.

Perhaps you should think of giving him a second chance.

8. He calls you when he is drunk

I know that instantly, most of you think that the only thing he wants is a one-night adventure.

But, as in the majority of cases, any story has two versions and this is also the case here.

Yes, maybe he does not care about you while being in the mood for a little treat and the best solution would be to look for the answer in your memories.

So yes, there is a good chance he will tell you that you just miss him to get to bed with you.

But it is also possible that he wants to be with you.

Just as it is possible that you really miss him.

Perhaps he does not have the courage to tell you; maybe he does not know what to say to you.

You know we all do stupid things when we have drunk, but we are also very brave in those moments!

Maybe that was what he needed – a little helping hand to tell you that you miss him and that he still loves you.

There is a way to find out, but unfortunately it does not work every time because we are all different and the patterns of human behavior are in the thousands.

That’s what’s beautiful. But if after his night of madness he calls you or writes you apologetically, he was certainly honest.

If he does not contact you, he probably only wanted one thing – s*x.

9. It just tells you that you miss him

Here is the most beautiful thing that a man can tell you and it is also the most honest.

There is no hidden agenda behind these three words: “I miss you”.

He will tell you that you miss him but will not go beyond the limits.

Let him speak and you’ll know for sure.

Your instincts will not deceive you and you will feel that he is simply himself and that his intentions are honorable.

Of course, not all men are able to stay calm on all occasions.

Even those who play the tough guys end up giving in to the passion that inspires them to love.

But the important thing is that you will know that he is honest. You will see it in his eyes.

And he will prove it to you, no doubt.

Because when someone really misses us, we do not water him with empty words: he will be demonstrative

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