9 Reasons Why Fish Are The Hardest To Know

9 Reasons Why Fish Are The Hardest To Know

I can tell you for sure that Pisces are the hardest people to understand!

You have to admit that you either have no idea what’s going on in your Pisces friend’s head, or you’re one of those Pisces who constantly feels misunderstood!

Here are 9 reasons why Pisces are the hardest to understand:

1) The last zodiac sign

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.
As the final zodiac sign, all of the other previous 11 signs bestow Pisces with a variety of their traits.
This explains Pisces’ innate tendency to be indecisive. There are elements of constant discord between people born under this sign.

2) They are dreamers

The “Dream Sign” or “The Pisces” are very imaginative and creative. Their heads are always near the sky.
This gives them the ability to approach problems and situations with an unorthodox perception. But sometimes they have trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy.

3) Pisces are always looking for new things

You are naturally adventurous and always looking for new experiences or people. However, this tendency to be constantly on the move often gets in the way of Pisces’ ability to form lasting connections. My recommendation for them is to encourage that quest, that sense of adventure, to nurture their relationship.

4) Empathy rules them

Too much thinking, an intuitive self and strong empathy characterize Pisces. They tend to get people in the mood very easily, and they’re the first person you want to call when you have a broken heart or a problem at work.
This can be chaotic at times as they often put someone else’s feelings ahead of them and overwhelm themselves.

5) They adjust their mood to the people around them

This can create a lot of confusion for Pisces as they need human connections to be happy and they have an abundance of compassion even for strangers but they are also so selective about the company they choose to surround themselves with.
They’re introspective, but often the heart of a party — it’s about whether or not they resonate with those around them. Because they are also so sensitive, they can easily become angry and withdrawn.

6) You’ll be surprised how quiet they can get after they’ve been the focus of the party

This is the introverted side of Pisces. When they see you after a long day, they might be irritable and don’t want to talk. It has nothing to do with you. Pisces often need to be recharged after a heavy drain on social energy.
After a long day interacting with people, their social batteries are drained and they need to relax and unwind – usually on their own.

7) A Pisces always sees the best in people.

They literally accept everyone. In fact, it was very likely a Pisces who coined the phrase, “innocent until proven otherwise.”
A party thrown by fish is an interesting sight – people of all walks of life are welcome when it comes to fish.

8) Your conflicting traits can make time quite lonely

You need time to warm up and relax. It may take a while before they let you in. Mainly because they connect easily with people and feel very connected to them, but self-isolation is also at their core.

It can take years for Pisces to charm people because once they do, they are eternally loyal and caring.

9) When you’re stressed, Pisces can feel it.

Be careful with your words and be honest about how you feel because a Pisces knows before you say it
. Pisces speak deep language. Maybe that’s why your Pisces friend hasn’t been very talkative lately.


9 Reasons Why Fish Are The Hardest To Know

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