9 best healing crystals for Scorpio

9 best healing crystals for Scorpio


Scorpios tend to make wonderful friends because they are sociable and loyal. They are known to be independent, passionate, and intelligent making them ideal leaders. 

As a watermark, the Scorpio is sensitive and empathetic, but possessive or controlling traits can be the “thorn in the flesh” when they are out of whack.

The zodiac sign Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars. There are two strong planets that rule this strong zodiac sign. Pluto stands for regeneration, supernatural energies and intuition, while Mars stands for self-control and control. This combination can be good and bad because it creates the fiery passion of Scorpio, but it can also sometimes lead to internal conflicts and contradictions.

Be sure that the healing crystals and gemstones can help you. They are a wonderful way to reduce the undesirable aspects and amplify the positive aspects. 

If you want to strengthen your Scorpio qualities or if your mysterious or controlling traits are affecting your life, these nine crystals for Scorpios can help you.

The best crystals for Scorpio

If you use the right Scorpio Crystals, you can enhance the wonderful properties of this zodiac sign and minimize the negative aspects.

My favorite crystal for Scorpio is the rhodochrosite. Its heartwarming nature encourages feelings of self-love and emotional healing. I also love that this crystal brings the energy of success with it when it comes to moving forward.

We are now showing you how you can harness the power of crystals to improve your life.

Ruby: stone of nobility


Color: Red
Chakra: Heart, Root
Origin: Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Madagascar, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Russia

Since it is a sensual zodiac sign, you can use a ruby ​​gemstone to stimulate your libido, increase fertility or deepen closeness in your love life.

The ruby ​​has always been revered for its life-giving energy and has been associated with blood and reproduction. It is also related to the energy of the root chakra, which increases vitality and stimulates Kundalini.

The hallmark of the Scorpio is passion. This can be a passion for creative projects, new beginnings or relationships. The bright red color of the ruby ​​harmonizes wonderfully with this energy and encourages a courageous demeanor.

Aquamarine: stone of courage and protection


Color: Pale Blue / Green
Chakra: Throat
Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, United States, Russia, Mexico, India, Afghanistan, Mozambique

Notes: Aquamarine can fade in sunlight. The more intense the color, the more expensive the stone. Blue topaz can be confused with aquamarine.

The fiery temperament of the Scorpio can be hostile when provoked and that is why the aquamarine is important here because it is one of the most powerful crystals for the throat chakra and helps to calm an argument and reduce anger.

As a stone of courage, this crystal supports the intellect and gives you the confidence to try something new. 

The aquamarine is the scorpion’s birthstone. Its name comes from the Latin aqua marinus , which means something like water of the sea , and it has a gentle, calming nature in times of crisis.

As a Scorpio, your qualities and traits are influenced by the sun, moon, ruling planets and the ascendant. Different crystals resonate with each of these factors.

Smoky quartz: stone of cooperation

Color: light to dark smoky gray / brown
Chakra: root, crown chakra
Origin: Worldwide

Since the smoky quartz is the ascendant of the Scorpio, it also improves your psychic abilities. So if you feel trapped in a situation, the influence of the smoky quartz will restore your intuitive abilities.

Scorpios are sensitive and closed people who have a tendency to bottle their emotions. The smoky quartz has a powerful grounding energy that frees you of emotional baggage and allows you to move forward.

Negativity like fear, anger, resentment, and restlessness weigh heavily on your aura. Use this high vibrating crystal to protect yourself and to get in touch with the truth.

Golden yellow topaz: crystal of potency, true love and success


Color: golden yellow
Chakra: solar plexus, sacral
origin: Myanmar, Russia, Africa, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, United States

Notes: Topazes are classified according to cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Scorpio, one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac, resonates wonderfully with the power of manifestation and success of this crystal. It is also in tune with the energy of Christ Consciousness.

The golden yellow topaz is the crystal of the ruling planet of Scorpio, Pluto. As a planet of secrets and renewal, this crystal focuses on achieving new goals.

This sunny crystal also gives the fun-loving Scorpio plenty of energy and promotes loyalty and friendship.

Sodalite: harmonizing stone


Color: blue with white spots
Chakra: throat, third eye
Origin: Canada, India, Namibia, Greenland, Brazil, Romania, France,

Tip for using sodalite: meditate with sodalite when worry disturbs your concentration and it will calm your mind and allow you to concentrate.

The mind-centered energy of sodalite stimulates intelligence and silences distracting thoughts. When you are feeling jealous or controlling, sodalite will reduce the need to analyze too much and give you a better perspective.

Since this crystal is connected to the throat chakra, it also helps you to express your feelings with empathy rather than anger.

Scorpios have complex and strong emotions. These are part of their passionate nature, but can also be overwhelming at times. The sodalite has a balancing effect with its calming energy and ensures that you feel centered.

Rhodochrosite: stone for selfless love, compassionate heart and inner child


Color: Pink, Orange
Chakra : Root, Solar Plexus, Heart
Origin: United States, Uruguay, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, 

Tip on Using Rhodochrosite: Wear rhodochrosite on a necklace to bond with your inner child and heal childhood injuries.

The rhodochrosite, like all heart-centered crystals, has a wonderful, loving vibration. But I love the energy of this crystal especially for Scorpios as it promotes self-love and joyful happiness.

As a stone of selfless love and a compassionate heart, the rhodochrosite supports emotional healing on a deep level. Because Scorpios can be self-critical, he also teaches courage and forgiveness.

The rhodochrosite is the natural birthstone of the zodiac sign Scorpio. As the sign associated with success, this pink crystal supports new beginnings.

Rutile quartz: relieves fears, phobias and anxiety


Color: Clear with strands of rutile
Chakra: Crown chakra
Origin: Worldwide

Tip for using rutilated quartz : Look at the rutile strands in quartz during your meditation practice because it will focus your intentions and promote your psychic powers, especially clairvoyance.

It resonates with people who have the moon sign Scorpio and is wonderfully suited to connect with the higher consciousness. This will ensure that your best Scorpio qualities will shine through as you spiritually awaken.

A rutilated quartz crystal contains quartz in combination with titanium oxide inclusions. This makes it a powerful crystal for strengthening and energetic healing. By eliminating stagnant or negative energy, it will also improve the ability to manifest.

Citrine: the lucky trader’s stone


Color: yellow, from pale to honey-colored or even brown
Chakra: solar plexus, but also activates the crown chakra
Origin: Madagascar, Russia, Brazil, France, Great Britain, United States

Note: Natural citrine is usually pale yellow in color and is very rare.

Scorpios can manifest themselves easily. They are determined and work hard to achieve their goal. The citrine attracts positive results, especially when it comes to money.

The positive, sunny energy of citrine goes well with the energetic Scorpio. As the traditional birthstone of the Scorpio, its traits promote hope, luck, and loyalty.

In addition, this crystal vibrates in the frequency of the month of November, which gives it an additional meaning for Scorpio. He exudes warmth that will dispel anger and evil thoughts. If you want to please people, the citrine teaches you to value yourself.

Malachite: stone of transformation


Color: green
Chakra: heart, throat
Origin: Romania, Russia, Germany, Middle East. Zambia

Malachite has an intense energy similar to that of scorpions themselves, so be careful if you find them overwhelming.

As a stone of transformation, malachite encourages you to take responsibility for your own actions. Scorpios are naturally decisive, but emotional hurt can affect that confidence. Use the energy of malachite to connect with your own intuition and guidance in such moments.

Malachite is a wonderful crystal for the ever changing energy of the Scorpio. As a watermark, you expect constant movement and this crystal will protect you on this journey. This could be physical travel, life-changing decisions, or changed perceptions.


9 best healing crystals for Scorpio
9 best healing crystals for Scorpio



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