Many women think that they need to play a silly fool out of themselves, so that against their background a man seems better and smarter. Maybe this is what men like, but only those who do not want anything serious, and if not serious, then not for long. Because everyone wants the communication to be interesting.

Moreover, no man is worth it for you to humiliate yourself and diminish your mental abilities. The best way to impress a man is to be yourself, and if he doesn’t like it, then he just isn’t your man!

And here are tips on how to cheer him up without making yourself a fool:

1. Use sarcasm.

This is the highest form of intelligence! Because in order to come up with a sarcastic joke and understand it, you need to overcome the contradiction between the literal and factual meaning of the expression. Here you need to think abstractly and creatively. This kind of humor shows your intelligence and challenges a man to think at your level.

2. Play up to current events.

So you will show that you are not only aware of the news, but that you can take everything with a grain of humor.

3. Laugh at silly jokes.

Here you can test the intelligence of a man, noting what he laughs at more: a stupid joke or a joke over a stupid joke. Well you understand😉

4. Find out what he likes.

For example, if he loves Star Wars, then joke so that only fans of the movie saga will understand.

5. Focus on your strengths.

What are you most good at? What topic do you know best? Even if it seems to be something boring for him, you can tell about it in a joking manner, which will make the topic more interesting.

6. Be able to laugh at yourself.

Don’t be afraid to sound funny, twist a little and play a comedian. He will definitely appreciate it! Just do not overdo it) He should not perceive you as just a cool girlfriend.

7. Be creative.

It’s not just jokes that can be funny. It can be puns – a play on words, new words – well, you know, when you can’t find how to describe a situation or thing in one word and suddenly you come up with something of your own. In general, just do not limit yourself and do not stop when you want to “blurt out” something with your tongue😉

8. Use memes in your correspondence.

If you can’t come up with something of your own, you can periodically insert memes and jokes from the network into your correspondence.


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