8 signs a man doesn’t know what he wants

If he doesn’t know what he wants …

You may know that: You can hardly believe that he is interested in you, because he is your absolute dream prince. You’re floating on cloud nine and are already imagining your future. And then all of a sudden he won’t get in touch with you for a while. You wonder what happened. And you wonder if he changed his mind.

The fact is: it can hurt a lot!

He probably just doesn’t know what he wants. But instead of saying it straight to your face, he leaves you in your uncertainty. 

Do you want to know how you can tell when a man is not sure? And would you like to know why some men feel a certain insecurity when it comes to relationships?

Then you are exactly right here! Because you will find out all of this in this article.

What behaviors show you that he doesn’t know what he wants?

1. You never have priority

He doesn’t always reply to your messages. He promises to see you, but then other things bother him. Gosh, how low are you on his priority list? You should be with a guy who has his schedule under control and who takes the time to give you a call. It really isn’t too much to ask.

2. He’s not interested in getting to know your family or friends.

He seems reluctant and tries to find excuses when this topic comes up. This is a true sign that he cannot envision a relationship with you.

3. He is not interested in introducing you to his family or friends

He won’t tell you much about where he works, where he lives, or what his friends do. The more certain he gets about you, the more likely he is to start talking about you. If he’s not sure what he wants, there is no way he will take the step and introduce you to his family or friends.

4. Sometimes you don’t hear from him for a while

Suddenly he seems to have been swallowed by the earth. He just doesn’t get in touch with you anymore and just lives his life without you. However, as soon as he gets in the mood for romance, he’ll come back to you.

5. He doesn’t just seem interested in you

He regularly picks up his phone to send messages to other people on your dates. Even when his phone isn’t on the table, he looks distracted. What’s wrong with this guy? It’s like he’s never fully there. You deserve a man who will give you real attention.

6. He doesn’t give you attention

You want to be with a man who makes you feel like a queen. This guy doesn’t look at you like that. He doesn’t care about you on specific days or dates. He doesn’t even bother to come by when it’s raining outside. It’s those little things a guy should do to make you feel special that he skips over every time.

7. He is mysterious

It was amazing at first that he was such a mysterious guy, but now it’s just plain annoying. He keeps his emotions trapped inside and answers your questions with vague answers. If he was 100% sure he had you in his life, he would open up and let you in.

8. He says he needs time to himself

He can be charming, lovable, and totally interested in you. But sometimes he withdraws completely from your life and says that he needs time to himself. It’s just annoying because you don’t know where you are on him! 

Men who say they are not in a relationship type or just can’t imagine anything fixed at the moment just want to distract from the fact that they just can’t imagine a relationship with you. So if he knows very well that he doesn’t want a relationship with you, it will be difficult to change that fact. 

But if a man doesn’t know what he wants, there could be several reasons:

  1. He’s still hoping for something “better”

He likes you, but deep down he also knows that it’s not enough for him. He is afraid that he will lose the chance to find an even better partner with you. That’s why he’s holding you up, but can’t really get into a relationship with you – as tough as it sounds.

  1. He has no feelings for you, but he likes romance with you

Let’s face it – if you were already familiar, he may be enjoying yours. You could meet his emotional and physical needs without him having to put in the effort necessary to maintain a full relationship. This behavior is not necessarily malicious. He probably likes you in many ways, but just doesn’t have feelings for you.

  1. He is not satisfied with just one woman

Some people know each other well and have chosen not to enter into formal relationships. You want the freedom to experience unconditional romantic encounters. Such a man may find you physically attractive and value your personality, but he is only interested in short-term satisfaction. He would never be satisfied with just one woman at his side.

  1. He’s afraid of bonding with someone

People fear relationships for many reasons, and one of them is a fear of failure. He may lack confidence in his ability to be successful in the emotional work that a relationship requires. They don’t want to step into the unknown where they could get hurt or hurt someone.


8 signs a man doesn't know what he wants

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