1. Myth: men are not emotional.

False! Men are emotional, they are just taught from childhood that emotionality is a synonym for weakness, and weakness is not something that should be associated with a man. These are girls playing dolls, where they learn to care and love, and boys play shooting games, where they show only aggression. Therefore, in adulthood, men show emotions only through aggression.

2. Myth: men only need s*x.

Men evaluate each other according to how much they can put a woman into bed, so many seek a woman for status. But when a man is in a relationship, the pressure is removed from him to have a woman, because he focuses on less superficial things.

3. Myth: men don’t like it when women earn more than they do.

The traditional gender distribution of roles taught us that a man should be the only earner in the family, but today this is not always the case. The main thing for a man is to make his contribution to the budget, and if a woman starts earning more, a worthy partner will only be proud of her.

4. Myth: for men, only the appearance of a woman is important.

This is stupid. Men are not primitive people. Both men and women seek out similar qualities in a relationship partner. And with the experience of bad relationships, our values ​​are changing. In youth, we are all more superficial in our preferences. But then we all understand that appearance is not the most important thing.

5. Myth: women are more insecure in bed than men.

Just insecurity is also a weakness because men rarely admit it. But they also worry about how they look without clothes, are they hairy enough or not, how good is he compared to her ex?

6. Myth: if he didn’t finish, he doesn’t like you.

Like many women, sometimes a man cannot achieve orgasm, and often for the same reasons. The fault may be alcohol, poor nutrition. And men can also imitate an orgasm. The important thing is that you both enjoy the process.

7. Myth: men watch porn because they are not satisfied in a relationship.

Porn does not replace a man with a woman. This is just a fantasy that they do not always want to realize in their relationship.

8. Myth: Men cannot be friends with women.

Many examples prove the opposite. And if you, as a woman, are sure that you have a reliable male friend, then why can’t your man just have a girlfriend?


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