8 brave parents confess why they regretted having children

It doesn’t matter how long you wanted a baby or how long you had to go through to get it, sometimes there are times when you regret it.

For some, such moments stretch out longer: even if you love your children more than life, you may wonder if it’s worth it.

But due to the fact that the topic of children is considered almost sacred, people are reluctant to talk about it. But this prevents them from doing the only thing that can help.

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, and to be honest, you may never get the reward for it.

Why? Because, no matter how cool your child is, children usually think more about their needs, not yours. No child will stop in the middle of a tantrum and say, “Mom, Dad, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you do for me every day, that I love you very much.” No, this will not happen.

Being a parent is difficult, ungrateful, stressful and challenging, and you should become an expert in this matter from the very first day.

Several parents anonymously decided to share why they regret having children:

1. “ I lost myself when I became a mom . After the birth of a child, your life changes. Now everything is not about you, but about him. You are losing your identity. Now you are the mother of Petit / Vanya / Masha. Your job now is for the child to be alive, healthy, nourished, so that he becomes all that he can become. Where have YOU gone? You are somewhere in all this. “

2. “I regret the decision to have a baby, but not the baby itself. Namely – about the decision to have a child with a specific person, because our life with him was not the best, which affected the children. “

3. “I was depressed . Worst of all, no one understands or supports you in this. Especially other parents, even if you have a medical diagnosis of depression to the stage of disorder. No matter how you feel, you should consider the child a gift from the Universe. “

4. “ I always feel guilty about my decision . Even if I did everything right and she becomes a good person, I still feel guilty because I regret becoming a mother. “

5. “ The most important thing is what kind of person you decide to have a baby with . It doesn’t matter how ready you are to become a parent. If your partner isn’t ready or willing, it won’t work. I am sorry that I had a child with the wrong person. “

6. “ Like many women, at some point I decided that I wanted a child, and it doesn’t matter that I would raise him myself . Although the man from whom I got pregnant periodically communicates with our child, I raise him myself, I myself work several jobs to provide for us and try to keep positive. And at night I cry because I can’t relax for a second – everything rests on me. Now I would definitely not want to become a single mother. “

7. “ I tried to keep a man as a child . No, I already wanted to become a mother, but I wanted to tie his father to me. Did not work out. Now it is hard for me both physically and psychologically, because there are not even grandparents who could help even just from time to time take a break from a child who always requires attention. “

8. “ I think I decided to have a family and children too early. I always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but due to pregnancies and complications, in the end I became only a nurse. I regret that I did not realize my dream. “




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