7 Ways You Will Make A Leo Man Addicted To You

7 Ways You Will Make A Leo Man Addicted To You

How do you attract a Leo man? You need to know what kind of person a lion is to answer this question. Ruled by the sun, the lights up every room he enters.

Leos are likely to tell you entertaining stories from their personal or professional lives. They are truly admirable because they are often the focus of a group and get all the attention. 

Here are 7 ways that will help you attract a Leo man.

1. Show him how desirable you are

If you are wondering how to attract a Leo man, you need to know that he is basically looking for a lady to be desired by other men. But he will walk away from you immediately if he assumes you are a cheater. 

All in all, if you give a few signs that there might be other contenders, he’ll be more attracted to you. The possibility of a little rivalry will increase his energy and make him fight all the harder to win your affection.

However, try not to take it too far and make him genuinely jealous, or you will unleash a wave of indignation that will be difficult to contain. According to a Leo man, infidelity towards his companions or loved ones is inexcusable and can spell the end of your chances of winning his heart. 

Stick with him and he will repay you with his generosity and – despite his playboy image – he will probably be one of the most reliable people you will ever meet.

2. Show him that you have values ​​and boundaries

The Leo man prefers an independent and cheerful woman who has many interests and leisure activities. He can be cocky and neglect you in his approach to his own prosperity. Because of this, it would be fundamental for you to set some boundary points and have some sense of pride.

Leo needs a woman who can do things for herself. If you want to be with him, make sure you’re interested in something other than just making him your own. He will never stay with you if you let everything be with you, but also not if you try to change him. Find the golden mean.

3. Show him your playful side

Leos love to have a good time and are the embodiment of playfulness. After laughing at his jokes, make your own jokes. Go to a karaoke night and sing without worrying about what other people might think.

Laugh out loud when you feel like it. Whatever you want to do, let him know that you enjoy yourself – show Leo that you can have the time of your life doing anything!

4. Let him lead sometimes

Since the Leo man is an alpha male, you must allow him to play the usually male job. Be sure to give him a chance to lead the pack instead of trying to make important decisions for him or both of you. 

He must be the one who asks after one date if he can go on another. He should dictate the course of action and be largely responsible for the relationship. So don’t ruin your chances by making the mistake of leading him.

you’ll gain the warmth of a male Leo all the more effective if you agree with his thoughts, act on his suggestions, and let him guide you somewhat. Obviously, most of this means you definitely need to adopt a slightly backward sitting position in this relationship. This is another way to know how to attract a Leo man. But that also means: Receive his love and let him spoil you.

5. He should know that you’re having fun too

Since the Leo man likes to party, making him feel like you enjoy investing energy will improve your chances of winning his heart. Showing him that you really love being by his side can help you attract a Leo man. 

Acting overly sincere, whining constantly, or getting involved in things you absolutely don’t want to do will make you look unattractive to him. To gain a Leo man’s appreciation, be someone he enjoys being around by showing him how much you enjoy being around him.

The male Leo must also become the dominant focal point. He gets grumpy when pushed to the sidelines. He will love you a lot more if you allow him to show off.

6. Let him take care of you

Leo men trust affection and will effectively seek out that unique person who will fulfill them. This can be you or another person.

His type of woman is caring, loving, and willing to focus on a connection with him. In any case, his wife must also learn how to appreciate him and compliment him. And for him it is mutual.

7. Be sentimental

For this person, love is something that everyone should feel strongly about. That’s why he makes all sorts of sentimental signs. He prefers a sentimental lady. Be an active individual as opposed to someone who talks and does nothing. Be loud and expressive in bed, too. He will love this!

Now that you know how to attract a Leo man, let him take the lead every once in a while and show him that you’re irresistible. Remember to follow all of these tips and you’ll be getting your man in no time.


7 Ways You Will Make A Leo Man Addicted To You

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