7 Ways To Make An Aquarius Addicted To You

Aquarians love to wander and explore the opportunities the world has to offer. If you want to know how to attract an Aquarius man, let him know that you believe in him and his choices.

Take one step at a time to get closer to him. This zodiac sign has a deep love of exploring, plundering, and rebelling against any rules that limit them.

1. Try to stand out from others and be yourself

Above all, your eccentricity can attract an Aquarius! It is important to him that you stand out. When you are different from others, you have his attention. Don’t hide by acting like everyone else. Just be open and natural. Favor showing yourself for who you are rather than overly conforming to please others. He would appreciate that.

2. Talk to him in a mature and intellectual way

Talk to him about things you wouldn’t normally bring up. Have an intellectual conversation with him, but be sure what you’re talking about. Aquarians, admire that! One way to attract Aquarians is to respect their views. 

They love to explore and find new ideas. Speak like a mature person who understands that not everything will shape up to your liking, and he will respect that. Aquarians also love creativity. If you have any creative hobbies, don’t hold back and talk to them directly!

3. Be a friend to him too

What is most important when considering a relationship with an Aquarius is that you can confide in them. Be his friend and he will grow closer to you when he starts to trust you. Tell him the things that move you and be confident. If there’s little drama between you two, that can be the lever that brings him closer to you than ever. 

4. Keep him interesting

Keep him interested in you, but don’t brag or complain. Just show him how exciting your life is. Giving him something out of the blue might not be a bad idea, and chances are he won’t turn down the gift. Once he falls in love with you, you will truly have a life worth the risks.

Take him out on dates, visit an art museum, or maybe eat somewhere he’s not expecting. Live more and he will want to live for you.

Especially in the beginning, don’t make it too obvious that you’re trying to impress him! Do you want to addict him? Keep him entertained with a few surprises as you reveal the things that others don’t really see or know about you. He’ll be over the moon and trust you even more at the same time.

5. Ensure diversity

Another way to attract an Aquarius is to keep things varied and challenging. Slowly reveal bits of who you really are and he will remain fascinated to find out more about you, to explore all your facets and everything you have to offer. 

But most importantly, in trying to make him stay, don’t let go of who you are by hiding it under a face that’s not really yours. Don’t please him to please him. Be honest and let him know what’s bothering you. Otherwise, he will sprint past you without further ado.

6. Don’t stand in his way, but be patient

It really takes a lot of patience and dedication to get an Aquarius to fall in love with you and openly declare their love. Sometimes there are moments in your life when Aquarius feels like a lasting commitment is a lot for them. Such opportunities arise quickly when an Aquarius feels that the woman he loves is interfering with his urge to experience the world around him.

Also, come to terms with the fact that Aquarius cannot be confined. This is the most important factor you need to know to attract an Aquarius. He absolutely needs to feel free with you. The reason an Aquarius ends up valuing their freedom is that they believe you gave it to them. Once he understands that, he will give you your freedom.

7. Show that you have your own values

Surprisingly, Aquarians have lives full of habits, which often makes it harder when you’re struggling with a particular habit. However, they tend to judge other people by the same standards that they have formed in their heads. 

A smart way to navigate this is to show that you have a constant code of ethical conduct in your life that you want to adhere to. He’ll be impressed, even if some of your rules aren’t to his liking.

An Aquarius may not appear very conservative at first, but excess skin doesn’t necessarily appeal to their prudish nature. Surprise him and stand out from the crowd. So when he’s tired of everything he’s going through in life, you’re the little breather he needs to remind himself why he fell in love with you in the first place.

An Aquarius is not an easy sign, but once you both know the boundaries, every day will be an adventure for both of you!


7 Ways To Make An Aquarius Addicted To You

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