Fear is a problem that everyone has to deal with from time to time, but some people also suffer from it more often. It can affect people to varying degrees, often in the form of a person who calls himself a pessimist, someone who is constantly annoyed with things.

But just because a woman is constantly worried does not mean that she is not worth dating. You just have to be aware of some of these things.

1. It’s not enough just to tell her to stop worrying. Sometimes it just slips out and you think you say something useful, but a person who is worrying can not stop that easily.

2. Sometimes it just needs you to be there and listen. Even if you can not solve any of their problems, even if you always offer the same comfort, that’s fine. She just needs you to be there.

3. She knows that her fear is often irrational. Fearful people know better than most that their anxiety and freaking out is meaningless in the long run. But that does not make it any easier to stop, so you do not need to tell her that.

4. She could become overwhelmed and cry. Very often. That does not mean that you did something wrong, so do not take it personally.

5. She is just as frustrated with it as you are. Probably more. Patience is the key. Showing her upset makes her even more anxious.

6. She’s probably worried about every aspect of your relationship. Worrying people are great at penetrating their own heads and making a mistake. Most likely, they think about every possible turn, get your life going and worry about both of you.

7. She will appreciate your sympathy more than she can say. Being there for her requires some patience and empathy from your side – but she’ll pay it back tenfold and love you all the more.


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