7 Things To Do When He Refuses To Engage, But Also To Free You From Your Commitment


One of the most disturbing things that can happen in a relationship is when a man refuses to commit, but also to free you from your commitment.

You wonder why he suddenly pushes you away and find no reason to explain his current attitude.

So you think all day to the behavior to adopt but whatever you do, it is in vain.

Know that any problem has its solution and that with some effort, you will be able to solve yours.

Here is what you can do if your companion refuses to commit and also to free you from your commitment.

1. Talk to him openly

I know you do not really want to and it’s a real thorn in your foot, but if you really want to know what’s going on, it’s better to ask your pet directly.

Tell him that you are not feeling well and that you want to solve this problem that concerns you both.

Explain that a real relationship is a matter of commitment and that it is not just about sitting on a chair at the same time.

And above all, tell him that if he does not change, you will eventually leave him.

2. Show him that you will go

A man does not realize what he has until he has lost it. So why not show him that you have other options and that you too can go?

Do not let him believe that he is the only one, because many men would be ready to kiss the ground you walk on and to engage with you without the need to think twice.

Show him what he will lose if you leave and give him time to think about it.

3. Let him think once more

If you preshrose him and choke him, he will leave you in less time than it takes to say phew.

But if you show him that you are an exceptional woman and want to give him some time to think about you, he will act differently.

Perhaps he will make every effort to make your relationship work and give him enough time to think.

This will push him to come back to you, to at least try to see how things would go if he decided to engage with you.

4. Tell him that you will not deprive him of his independence

Maybe your mate just fears getting involved, but on the other hand, he’s way too loose to free you from your commitment.

He plays with you, demanding that you be there when he feels like it but refusing to be there when you need it.

And that’s why you have to solve things as quickly as possible. Tell him he does not have to worry about losing his independence by being in a relationship with you.

Tell him he will not lose his manhood just because that’s what people think of men who engage.

If he realizes his life will not change, maybe he’ll change his mind.

5. Make yourself a priority

Show him that you are your own priority and that you will no longer let him take you by boat.

Show him that you can live without him and that you have not planned to wait for him anymore.

When he understands that you are sure of what you are saying and thinking, he will stop and think.

He’ll see what kind of person he loses and maybe he’ll treat you better than before.

In the end, making it your priority will never give you the same pleasure as feeling by making yourself a priority.

6. Set limits

When you realize you’re not where you want to be with a man, you need to set boundaries.

You have to take the step and make him understand that you too have rights.

He can not simply take you by boat, manipulate you, control you and give you nothing in return.

This is not love and certainly not a healthy relationship either.

So you should tell him that he has to decide what to expect with you.

If you do not have the same vision of life, it’s time to go away.

7. Say stop

Often, guys think our threats are not serious because they find a way to fool us momentarily.

When you say you’re going to end your relationship, they think it’s just words.

So the best way to get him to react is to actually leave him.

Show him that because of his behavior, he has lost you and you do not plan to spend your life with a man unable to know what he wants.

After realizing that you are serious, he will undoubtedly try to win you back.

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