No matter how perfect a relationship may be, it only takes a few things (which may seem small at this point) to literally destroy a relationship from the inside and separate the two people.

We always do our best to be happy with our partners, the daily struggle, the compromise …

Everything we do for our partners is only to ensure them a happier future with them, so I’m going to share some of the most dangerous things that destroy relationships with them.

Here are seven things that destroy a relationship.

1. Some words hurt more than anything else

Be very, very careful with your words; I cannot emphasize this point enough, words can never be withdrawn once they have been spoken.

No matter how angry or upset you are, don’t say anything you’ll regret later; don’t say anything that could hurt your partner because you may apologize more often than you intended, but he will always remember what you said and it will still hurt.

Be kind with your words.

2. Silence

It is very destructive when someone is silent about something that affects them, it slowly eats them up inside, and eventually, they explode either with regret or worse.

Whenever something worries you, it’s best to just let everything out and talk about it instead of keeping everything to yourself and thinking up a million different stories in your head.

Your partner is there to listen to you, talk to him, don’t let an argument create a distance between you two.

3. Tell the smallest lie

One lie creates another. No matter how little or harmless a lie may seem, keep telling the truth, because you will soon find yourself trapped in a web of lies.

No matter how difficult it is for you, always avoid hiding it or lying about it, because your partner must either read the myth or find out later through a third party, so don’t let that happen.

4. Not being receptive

When someone starts to stop being receptive, it is very hurtful for the other person.

When we are in love, we want to share everything and every one with our better halves, we want them to be part of our life, an active part of it, it hurts a lot when it doesn’t go that way.

My ex was not receptive, I always talked to him and I always felt like I was talking to a wall, it used to hurt a lot.

Always be receptive because your partner needs you.

5. Don’t pay attention

Always take care of each other, do not miss the smallest thing and the slightest effort.

When we stop paying attention to each other, our partner slowly gets used to it, and in the end, he does what he has tried for so long.

Pay attention to your partner’s efforts, pay attention to his words, do not let him feel ignored or lonely, because that is not what love is about, love is about companionship, love is about mental and physical presence, in which Love is about just being there for each other.

6. Growing uncertainties

Uncertainties are fatal to relationships; they’re slowly raising a lot of other questions.

Don’t let anything come between the trust that the two of you have worked so hard to do and maintain; do not lose confidence because of low uncertainties; once you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by uncertainties, you will slowly build a distance between the two of you.

Trust your partner if you love them, or stay single if you can’t trust them.

7. Go to bed angry

Never go, and I NEVER mean, angry to bed. Correct your problems, close the matter properly, and do not put the argument to bed and do not postpone it until another day.

Whenever you two are arguing, it is important that you talk about it properly and let out the feelings, that you will be heard and let it go and not put it off for later.

It is both unhealthy and very destructive.


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