Getting back together with your ex is not impossible and sometimes even he can be the first to initiate a second try.

Some may be happy about the breakup, while others still want the same thing as their ex: get back together.

Also, if you see any signs of this, don’t overwhelm yourself with investigating and take a moment to reconsider the relationship.

Was this relationship really something worth investing in? Did you feel that you and your partner are compatible with each other and have a future?

If that past relationship was deeply dysfunctional and flawed, it will be more appropriate to find someone who is a better fit for you.

But ultimately, if you feel that the relationship is worth the effort, and that it can really lead to something meaningful, then it’s worth the second try.

Many couples break up because they met during a difficult time, because other parties were involved, or one of them had priorities.

Also, some people are just not mature enough to really understand the importance of a relationship, so that has a big impact on the breakup.

Leaving someone is never the final farewell, because if feelings were involved, the trace of these people still remains with us.

As weird as it sounds, we’ll still see our ex-partner out in town, on social media, and maybe he’ll even show up in our dreams.

It is not easy to let go of the memory of someone you liked or even loved, so it can be very likely that you will get back together with someone from the past.

If there is love, there is a way, even if that means getting back together with an ex.

Even if it’s been a while since you’ve broken up and you are starting to notice these things, then your ex is definitely trying to get back to you.

1. He likes your pictures on social media

We’ve all done this before, deleted our ex on social media just to stop looking at them.

The interesting thing about this action is still that it is absolutely counterproductive.

If we delete our ex, he’ll most likely add us back on social media.

Even if we stay friends with him on social media but ignore him, he will desperately like our pictures for attention.

Even if we don’t like any of his pictures, he’ll still like ours to get our attention, especially after a breakup.

A like on social media is not insignificant, and especially after a breakup, it’s a cry for attention.

Should your ex like your picture on social media, he is trying to get you to think about him, and even if he doesn’t contact you, he wants you to take the first step.

One thing that you definitely shouldn’t be doing is message him after that like, because he’ll know so for sure that he can have you anytime.

If he really wants to become your friend again, he must take the first step, and you are already doing him a favor of giving him a second opportunity.

2. You meet him in places where you often go out with friends

After each breakup, you definitely won’t see your ex for a long time.

He may not even go to places you used to go together.

Later, when your ex-partner starts to miss you, the unexpected happens: he shows up where you go out with your friends.

Almost everyone does this when they’re desperate and thinks they’re going to get a reaction from the person they broke up with.

Some men also dress their best and pretend they don’t even go to these places to be seen by their ex.

But this is far from the truth and they do it on purpose because they miss them and just want to be close to them.

If there is no real life contact after the breakup, the chances of being together again are slim.

Whereby seeing a loved one again after a long time also increases longing, so this method is very effective.

So, if you notice your ex-partner in the places you often hang out, then he definitely wants to be with you again.

3. He’ll text you or call you when he’s drunk

People have a tendency to be more honest when they’re drunk.

While it is not advisable to drink enough to send an embarrassing message, many do so out of desperation.

If you are the first person that comes to someone’s mind when they’re drunk, then that definitely means something.

If you think about it, an intoxicated person is vulnerable, but at the same time he experiences longings and desires more intensely.

If he texts you in this state, then he definitely longs for you, and that is the ultimate step out of desperation.

On the other hand, drunken writing can also mean that he only sees you as an object of pleasure.

This is the case if the relationship was not yet official or if he has cheated on in the relationship.

Either way, the text should be ignored; after all, it doesn’t matter to be the object of someone’s desire as long as you don’t let them claim you.

4. He speaks ill of you to friends or acquaintances

This information may come as a surprise, but it is the greatest indicator of longing.

If someone talks badly of you, they do it because they are bitter about you.

You’ve probably heard of a man laughing at a woman, but then boom! are they together.

The reason for this is simple frustration with a person when they say that they are bad they actually want them.

Even if they say that a woman looks uncomfortable or is pushy, they find her beautiful and want her to themselves.

Men have fragile egos, and these bad comments are the result of an injured ego.

Should a man gossip about his ex as well, he hopes to get her attention.

By spreading the gossip, he hopes it will reach his ex as well and get her attention.



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