7 signs you are nagging your man and it is killing your relationship

Women are usually 10 steps ahead of men. Because of this, we often “saw” them: we see what needs to be done and want it to be done, therefore we rush the man. But sometimes too much. Here are signs that you are nagging him too hard and that this could ruin your relationship.

1. You love his potential, not what he is now.

It’s good to see the potential in your loved one, but if you love ONLY their potential, that’s a problem. If you focus only on what your man can be, and not what he is now, then you probably “saw” him, and not inspire.

2. His answers are like self-defense.

When you tell a man what you need, it must be said with kindness. And if he always answers aggressively, this can mean two things: either you nag him and speak demandingly, or he simply cannot give you what you need.

3. He spends time without you to take a break from you.

If he needs time to take a break from you, then time with you is burdensome for him.

4. You repeat the same thing to him many times.

If you often start with the phrases “I told you a hundred times …” or “We already talked about this,” then your approach in communicating with him is ineffective or poorly perceived. You are misrepresenting your needs.

5. Your messages to him are too long.

You probably complain a lot there or are you trying to convince him of something?

6. It seems to you that everything is not good enough for you.

When we start focusing on the negative, we begin to notice all the flaws in our partner and ignore their successes. And if you constantly remind a man of his shortcomings, he will feel like a failure and will not want to try further.

7. When you are with him, you get annoyed and angry.

If you are used to “nagging” him, then soon his very presence will annoy you. This leads to frequent quarrels.


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