Is he serious? Often, this can not be said exactly after the first meetings. In the video you see what you have to pay special attention!

Is he serious or does he only play games? In the starting phase of a relationship, it is often difficult to assess certain reactions of the new partner. Does not he call back because he thinks I’m stupid? Or does he not want to be desperate by a quick recall? Often it is impossible to tell if he is really serious or not. Parship partner coach and graduate psychologist Markus Ernst gives tips on how you can recognize early on whether he is really interested in a solid partnership.

1. A good gut feeling

You will not always be able to correctly interpret the reactions or behavior of your date. In some situations, listen to your gut feeling instead of bothering your head. Intuition rarely deceives. Therefore always take enough time for you – even at the beginning of a relationship. So you can for a moment distance to order your own feelings. If you feel uncomfortable, do not ignore it. Of course, that also applies to a good feeling!

2. Talks with draft

If you’ve just met, it’s perfectly normal that conversation does not immediately reach a very personal and intimate level. Rather, both often touch on harmless topics such as everyday experiences, the profession or travel experiences carefully approach each other. However, if the exchange remains superficial for weeks, you should hear the alarm bells ringing. If he is really interested in you, he will have the desire to get to know you – so to look behind the facade. And he will also reveal more and more of himself.

3. He seeks eye contact

Interpersonal relationships are not just verbal. Therefore, pay attention to his body language. The frequent search for long, direct eye contact or physical closeness, as well as a bright, positive facial expression, for example, are indications that he is really interested in you. If you do not feel that your counterpart is actually facing you, be careful.

4. “I” becomes “we”

To expect him to introduce you to his parents after the second meeting would be wrong. However, you should pay attention to whether your date is gradually integrated into his life. If you have not met his friends and family after a few months or if he forges plans for the future – both privately and professionally – often in “I” instead of “we” form, you should question the whole thing.

5. It’s not always about s*x

Especially at the beginning of a relationship s*x plays an important role. However, it can also be seen here if he really means you seriously. With all the love and passion s*x should not dominate your relationship for a long time. Do you have the feeling that he is pushing you and does not respect your wishes and feelings sufficiently, this speaks rather against a more serious interest on his part.

6. He answers regularly

If you’re in love, you want to see the new partner as often as possible. This does not always have to be the big weekend trip together. Even a joint coffee in between is a promising sign. If this is not possible due to the physical distance, he will nevertheless search for your nearness by SMS, telephone or e-mail, if he is serious.

7. You realize that he’s not serious

If he just sells you for being stupid, and is not interested in a real relationship, you can see that in supposed little things that allow for clear conclusions. In the video you can see which gestures and signs are a clear signal that he is not serious about you!

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