7 signs that your husband uses you, even if it does not look like it

We all want a man who is true to us and who really understands us. Sometimes, however, we allow ourselves to be carried away by the flattering words or gestures of a man and tend to believe that we are truly loved by this person.

Over time, these men will show their true faces as we begin to blindly love them, not realizing that their love is not genuine and that they are only using us for their own selfish needs.

How can we tell if our man really loves us or if he just uses us?

Here’s a list of 7 characters that will help you recognize this.

(1) He does not care about your feelings.

He always thinks of himself and does not care about being hurt or annoyed by his behaviour or actions. If you try to show your feelings, it will react in such a way that you will feel that you should not go in that direction.

(2) He only contacts you when he needs something.

He always contacts you when he needs some kind of help, be it financial or similar. Of course, you always ask your partner for help, but if that’s the only reason he’s calling you and the rest of the time ignored, that definitely means that he only uses you.

(3) He always says he is busy and avoids going out on dates with you.

We are all busy, but a relationship needs to be built and maintained. No matter how busy we are, we can always find some time for our loved ones. It is not impossible to do such a thing. So, if he keeps ignoring you by giving you the excuse that he’s busy, that’s a sign that he’s not interested in such a relationship with you.

(4) He does not introduce you to his friends or family.

That means he does not mean it to you seriously. He is only in a relationship with you, so you can help him in every possible way. So there is no reason for him to introduce himself to his colleagues and his family.

(5) He does not express his love and does not speak about attachment.

He avoids topics like engagement or marriage. And precisely because he does not mean the relationship seriously, he avoids these obligations. He does not express love because he does not really love you.

(6) His mood is constantly fluctuating.

Sometimes he is in love with you and sometimes he just does not want to talk to you. If his mood is constantly fluctuating, remember it’s a red alert. He expresses love only when he needs something from you or when he needs you to do something for him. He is always guided by his own feelings and does not give a damn about your feelings and needs.

(7) Your friends tell you that he is not a good guy.

It is true that love is blind. If you’re in love with someone, your logic tends to fail. You will ignore all his mistakes, but your friends can see them. They are your companions and stay by your side. So, if they keep telling you that this guy is not a good person, you better listen to them.

A man who gets into a relationship just to use his wife will eventually leave her when he’s done with her. Such relationships are extremely toxic and never permanent. So, if you recognize these signs, it’s better for you to get out of there. The world is a huge place. You will find your husband already … one day!


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