7 signs that you are changing and your heart has matured

You are where you belong. At the beginning of something new. The beginning of a new journey. Ready for new adventures. To a new experience. New horizons. Here are the signs that you are changing and your heart and soul are ripe:

1. You synchronized your mind and heart.

And you act in accordance with them. You are no longer in a hurry and do not make irrational decisions. Your mind leads you along with your heart. For the first time, they are unanimous. They don’t fight anymore. They work for you, not against you. And deep down you can feel it. You feel calm.

2. You have learned to express your feelings.

Instead of yelling at people and hating the world, you make decisions soberly. You don’t get frustrated because you control all your emotions. And every time something annoys you, you realize that you still need to work on it.

3. You don’t give a damn about the opinions of other people, because for the first time ever you know your worth. You yourself know what you need in life. And now you are free because you don’t care what others say. You are free from negative influences from outside. From other people’s expectations.

4. You no longer accept less than you deserve.

You finally realized that raising your standards is not selfish, but what needs to be done for the sake of inner peace and happiness. You deserve what your heart wants. And you will get it. Deep down, you know it will. Now your needs come first.

5. You have learned to see both good and bad in people.

And you understand the reason for their behavior. Why are they the way they are. What they base their decisions on. You finally realized that everyone has their own nuances and problems, their own reasons to act one way or another. We are all complex and deserve understanding, not judgment.

6. You are focused on self-development.

You are focused on your dreams and goals. You enjoy the moment, but you also use the opportunities to live to the maximum and be yourself.

7. You no longer seek happiness in other people.

You don’t expect others to complement you or fill the void in you. You know that only you can complement yourself and find your happiness.


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