You may not see it at first glance, but a broken woman carries deep scars behind her smile. If you just look a little deeper into their eyes, you will see that they carry a lot of pain and confusion. She was hurt but she is still here, standing on her feet and living her life as best she can. Only when you really meet her will you see that she can still love – but this time she will be much more careful and love a little bit differently than before.

1. She will not hurt you because she knows what it feels like.

She has been with so many assholes in her life and each of them has hurt her feelings. She was with manipulators, narcissists, and compulsive liars, so she knows what it’s like to lead, lie, and exploit. Therefore, she will do her best to never do this to you. She will give you her love, but she will want you to return her in the same way. Such a woman will treat you as you really deserve just because she wants you to treat her like that.

2. She will not judge you for your past.

She will love you no less because of your past. If you have some problems that you do not want to talk about, she’ll simply ignore them. You can be open with her because she is not the type of woman who will use your secrets against you. In fact, she is like a good angel sent from heaven, a blessing to you. I hope you will treat her the way she deserves, for she is tired of being a broken-hearted woman.

3. She will not pretend that she loves you to get what she wants.

She is not the type of woman who will say that she loves you just to get something from you. In fact, she probably will take it slow because she does not want her past repeating. Your goal is not to make you sad, but to make you happy and she will go the extra distance to achieve that. If she says she’s serious about you, you can trust her because she will not just give her heart to someone she can not tie herself to.

4. She will not try to change you.

A woman like he knows that we are all a bit confused. She is aware that nobody is perfect and she will not try to change anything about you. She willfully accept you with all your advantages and disadvantages and she will feel good about it. She will take responsibility for her actions, but she will want you to do the same. In a relationship with her, you only get fair play and a lot of understanding.

5. She will be strong for you.

A woman like this has gone through so many bad things in her life, and she understands when people feel that way. For the person who has gone through hell and back, it will not be hard for you both to be strong. And she does not, because she has to, but because she wants it. When you’re down, she’ll do anything to pull you up to show you that you can shine when you make a little more effort. Living with her will be like living with a best friend – full of understanding, companionship and a lot of love and affection.

6. She will be nice to you.

Her life motto is quite simple: “Treat people the way they treat you!” So there are no psycho games or manipulations. She has a pure heart and that is what makes her so special and unique. She would never want you to suffer because she once felt that and it was not good at all. Instead, it spreads happiness wherever it goes, and that is its ultimate goal.

7. She is not afraid to love again.

She was treated badly, but that does not mean she gave up love. The next time she falls in love, she wants her to be the best experience of her life. A woman like this knows her value and she is aware that she has a lot to offer in a love relationship. Her fragile heart is beating harder than ever and she’s ready for a man to tear her off her stool!


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