It is almost certain that being in the right group can determine your life, the level of happiness you feel, the amount of inspiration you get, and the number of successes that you achieve.

That is why many people support the idea of ​​being in a positive environment and with the right friends. But it can be difficult. Sometimes we don’t want to let go.

We keep making up excuses for ourselves and for others. Sometimes we are blind to the fact that we are in bad company.

Do yourself a favour and just drop the toxic friends. Without them, you are better off and you can easily find new friends.

Here are 7 signs that you’re hanging out with the wrong friends.

1. You make money on the subject

They borrow money, but never return it in time, if at all. Miraculously they always disappear when the bill arrives.

You have a job but somehow try to get paid for things.

If money largely adds to the doubts about your friendships, it is frankly fairly clear that they are not good friends. They only see you as a wallet.

No more and no less. Stick to a group that supports each other, financially and in other ways.

2. They never let words follow the action with what they would do for you

In other words, they’re full of crap. Their promises are worth nothing, that they are willing to use empty words all the time to make you happy.

It is the act and the keeping of your word that is the real character. A real friend will never let you down for anything.

You don’t need a friend who takes you for granted all the time. You are worth a lot more than mere words.

They are words of smoke and mirrors that actually pull you down (since they usually sound so calming and comforting). So don’t think that you have to validate yourself with such words at all.

3. They are always too busy for you

To be clear, being busy is nonsense. Everyone is busy today. If you want to take time for something or someone, take that time. No matter what happens.

If a friend is constantly too busy, it may be time to reevaluate that relationship, especially if you’ve taken the trouble to take time for him or her.

It is better to be with friends who are willing to be around you just for the sake of it. This is real friendship. These are the real friends who will always be there for you.

4. They are not interested in your problems, only in what your success can give them

Have you ever had friends who always say things so quickly like, “Wow, you made so much money? Haha, I guess the drinks are on you! ”

It may sound harmless enough, but think about it: How much do these friends really care about your path to success?

How interested are you in how much you have grown through your struggles and challenges?

If it obviously doesn’t matter to them at all, they will never be there for you when you need help.

A true friend would not only have been for you, he would be proud to see how far you have come.

In addition, friendship is about knowing yourself as you really are and not as you are on the surface in terms of status, amount of money or size of the house.

5) They constantly spy on you so they can compare

“What is Idein’s salary?”

“How long are you going to be in bed?”

“Oh, I bet I got better results in the test. What have you achieved? ”

As rude as these questions are, the wrong friends have no reason to ask them. They don’t care if you feel uncomfortable or not. And you know what?

The answers are not important to them either. They just want to compare, hoping to be better than you. And if they feel like they’re not better, they just ask more annoying questions.

A real friend would not intentionally feel uncomfortable for the other. They don’t compare either. They are just happy for each other. You shouldn’t have to put up with anything else.

6. They indulge and feed on drama

They gossip and betray each other constantly. The Whatsapp group has open online disputes. Your Facebook status is bitchy and always negative.

You will be surprised how dramas can have a negative impact on your life.

It is tiring, exhausting and very sobering. The question is whether they would one day direct the drama to you or whether they are already talking behind your back.

Real friends are ripe. They all grow together and regulate things like adults. Your life never needs extra drama, so stay away from them.

7. They question the change in your life because of them

If you ever have to start questioning yourself, your lifestyle, and your life about your friends, these are the wrong friends.

True and great friendships will raise you up. They will make you so happy and inspired that you will actually wonder and even fear what your life would be like without them.

So don’t fool yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. You know how you feel. The questions won’t even solve anything. Drop the anchor. Discard the toxic friends.

Move on and find better friends. Your life will be better this way. You will also be more successful.



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