1. We are goal oriented.
The goats keep their eyes on the prize. Whether it’s a tin can or an office corner, we have plans, dreams and the will to make them come true. We may be running to do a million and one things, but trust us: there is a method to the madness.
Plus, we tend to like society, so if you can stick around, you’ll be well rewarded.
The good news? We’re relentlessly looking for what we want, and if you’re on this list, you’ll know it.

2. We have high standards.
I’m not talking about tropical vacations and big old diamonds – although yes some of us love things – but it’s important that our partners strive for integrity, success, and live good lives as much as we do.
No matter the size of your paycheck, whatever your thing (smart, ambitious, cool), we love you to do it too. We need something interesting to tell you when we finally stop working.

3. We work like crazy.
Speaking of work, it’s kind of a Capricorn obsession. Blame it on the Earth sign, the need for stability, or the fact that we were born in winter when surviving is a bit of a challenge, but Capricorns are some of the hardest workers in the zodiac.
When it’s time for most normal people to unplug, we may just be getting started or being triggered by a new idea.
We know it’s a drag, but the people who love us the most respect our hardworking nature and help us remember to play too. We know we need it, we don’t always care – or know how to stop.

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4. We are honest, sometimes wrong.
One of the perks of dating a Capricorn is that you will usually always hear the truth. One of the challenges of dating a Capricorn? Same.
We can also spot a fake a mile away, so bring your A-game honesty, and save us both some time.
Even though we want to let you be you, our obsession with honesty isn’t always crowd pleaser. An ex-boyfriend called me the “Joy-Killer” when I brought up car repair bills in the guitar store where he had his eye on a fancy amp. When did he need me to pick him up from work the next day when his car doesn’t start? I don’t remember if I said it.

5. We are really competitive.
The competitive nature of Capricorn, along with our intellectual might, can make us great teammates and scary competitors. It’s safer if we’re on your side, win or lose, let’s put it that way.
So before you challenge us at Scrabble or suggest picking opposing teams on game night, make sure your heart, pride, and relationship can take it.
Make sure you have us in the stands if you are competing alone. No one will have a more vocal or engaged section than you. And isn’t that what everyone needs the most?

6. We are committed to our people.
Earth signs are reliable and loyal, so our tribe is important to us. If our best friend has a newly broken heart, we show up with wine and ice cream. We’re at our nephew’s family picnic and tee-ball game.
Sometimes our commitments to friends and family can come before you go out with you, so it helps if you’re an independent mind who values ​​our loyalty to everyone we care about – including you, when it’s yours. turn, as is often the case. .
What if you are invited to go out with our team? There you are. Extra points to help us clean up.

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7. We are committed to you.
Capricorn may not come out (it takes time away from work, you know) and we absolutely take our time to engage, but once we’ve decided you’re worth it, you really have to be.
We are sensitive souls underneath it all, so if we have shown you our hearts please know that they come with unwavering loyalty and a place of pride in our team.
We’ll love it – and find out – if you’re back loyal.


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