6 zodiac signs that take everything personally and always feel attacked.


6 zodiac signs that take everything personally and always feel attacked.

Taking something too personal means that you always see someone else’s behavior or words as an attack on yourself. You usually assume that others always mean you. If you take everything too personally, you cause stress and fear that are not necessary.

There are certain character traits that indicate that you are someone who is easily irritable. It is a combination of insecurity and a sensitive ego that determines your behavior. You are hypersensitive to any kind of injustice.

Regardless of whether you believe in astrology or not, you should still take a look at the 6 zodiac signs that feel slightly personally attacked, maybe you will recognize yourself in them.

BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

One of the reasons why bull-born people take everything personally is that they often try to prove themselves and others. They may seem confident and strong to others, but there is a hidden part of their personality that doubts itself.

If they don’t get praise for something they have worked hard on, they take it personally and have to eat for a long time. To a certain extent, everything that happens around them relates to itself. It is really difficult to deal with a bull that feels attacked, which is why they are often considered to be too complicated.


One of the most aggressive zodiac signs is the scorpion. He hates being prejudiced, he has a sixth sense, so to speak, that tells him who is trying to “make him bad” and he immediately punishes him with a counterattack. A scorpion with a sting extended should be left alone.

He hates when other people criticize his way of life. He likes to live the way he thinks right, regardless of how others find it, but should someone even express a hint of criticism of his lifestyle, even if only in the third person (i.e. not directly related to the scorpion) he will see that as a personal attack.


The Libra can sometimes be a control freak and can be clingy. For example, if a Libra is traveling with friends and they don’t want the same thing as the Libra, it could result in the Libra being offended and expressing it.

If it is not up to the whistle of the Libra, then she takes it personally and can be really uncomfortable. She often forgets that the others also have their own will and sometimes don’t want what the Libra wants.


Fish-born often feels guilty and feelings of guilt actually accompany the fish-born through half their lives. These feelings of guilt are also a sign that they relate to a lot that is not meant for them. Feeling guilty of things beyond your control is a clear sign of thinking at a certain level. They want control over things that cannot be controlled, which in turn makes them feel helpless and attacked in certain situations.


Crayfish are sensitive and caring for people, but sometimes their care goes too far. You cannot prevent someone from being hurt or disappointed, no matter how much cancer cares about them. People will cry and get hurt, cancer cannot do anything about it, it is beyond their reach to protect everyone.

Cancer is a good listener for anyone going through a difficult time, but they cannot save everyone. And this is exactly where the point begins where you take everything personally. They believe that it is their fault that someone is going through a difficult time or that they are related to the fact that they could not save someone from pain.


If something goes wrong, the ibex is sure that it is to blame, especially on the job. If someone is promoted in his department, he takes it personally if the other has been in the company for a longer period or has more experience.

The Capricorn will do anything to get the praise, respect, and attention it thinks it deserves. And if somebody doesn’t bring it to him, he takes it as a personal attack and starts a counterattack.



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