6 zodiac signs that psychologists have the ability to take all power from their enemies.


Who hasn’t had an enemy he hated incredibly and wanted to see destroyed ?! Someone who makes life hell for you and who you really wanted to give your opinion to. Or someone who is constantly poisoning you and can’t keep your hair on you.

It’s easy to react to such a bad person with hate and attack. After all, they are pinching and extremely annoying. Who can keep your nerve?

But there is a completely different and much more effective way of killing your enemies. Some people have the ability to manipulate others by being particularly friendly towards them, lulling them by doing so and obscuring their haters’ senses until they no longer know where the front and back are or what contemptuous sayings they just wanted to let go of.

Wiping out one hated enemy and finally sneaking out of sight is easier than pretending to be pure friendship so that he doesn’t even notice that you’ve completely turned him over.

These six zodiac signs have perfected the manipulative way of wrapping their enemies around their fingers and are unique in deceiving them. Maybe you are one of them too?


You as an ibex are extremely jealous. Often you see something in another person that you really want and you won’t let go of this obsession until you have nailed it. It is not enough to ask them for it.

No, you are so jealous that you want to get your enemy out of the way and then steal that piece. You sneak up on him slowly and with a lot of patience, make him believe that you are the dearest person on earth and if he becomes familiar and inattentive to you, you strike at the right moment and destroy him, just to get what you want.

2ND TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

You have a hidden soul. You really do not show anyone what is going on inside you, what you think or think about something. You stay calm and let people do it. Everyone is wondering what you really feel now. This way you get attention and interest without lifting a finger.

This clever strategy leaves you running behind everyone, even the people you loathe inside. They have no idea of ​​your hatred and your secret plans to annihilate. You just have to snap your finger and everyone is with you because it is rare that you really show yourself. But nobody knows that you only play with people and that this emotion of yours is a manipulative lie.


Your words are so sweet, your enemies should actually suffocate and perish in sugar. But you are just too perfect in this type of manipulation for anyone to see through.

At least it takes a while and your counterpart needs to know you really well to know that you just can’t do anything but talk nicely and be super nice to everyone. You just don’t have the guts, to be honest, direct and confrontational, that’s why you choose the easier way and whistle your hater’s ears. So far it has always worked.


You too, dear cancer, are a master at showering your enemies with sticky frosting and the sweetest words. However, your meshworks very differently than with the other zodiac signs. You are overly nice and affectionate.

You don’t leave your haters alone and lull them until their ears hurt. They notice that something is wrong because you are deliberately showing that you are playing the wrong game with them. Your self-assured manipulation scares them and they look for distance as quickly as possible, because they just think you are totally crazy. Goal achieved!


You make your own show ridiculous so that everyone can see what you’re pulling off here. Nobody really buys you that you are serious, but you cleverly manage that everyone finds your advances charming just because of that and somehow has to laugh at them.

So you still get it regulated that you wrap everyone around your finger, everyone sees it and yet nobody really notices that you finally made it. Sometimes it can be so easy to make docile stupid asses.


Now we come to the undefeated master of manipulating his enemies: the ram. You, Aries, are uniquely good at persuading your haters with kind and wrong words and coming across so sympathetically that they can’t help but like you and finally do everything you say.

You have always been able to express yourself well and this ability also benefits you here. Nobody juggles words as well as you do, so everyone hears what you have to say, even your haters.

If only it were as easy for everyone to cope with their rivals as for these six cunning zodiac signs. Could you find yourself among them? If so, then I congratulate you because this trait is manipulative without end, but it makes your life a lot easier! 


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