We all want to feel loved and valued by our partners in relationships.

Some people need to be shown constant affection through holding hands, cuddling, kisses on the forehead, words of affirmation, and kind gestures, while others of us can forego all of that special evidence and just be content to know that this person is something feels for us.

As it turns out, your zodiac sign determines which group you belong to.

1. Pisces

For people born under this sign, it’s all about giving and receiving compassion. They don’t let anything get between themselves and their time with the person they love, and they expect the same from their partner.

If they don’t get enough affection from their partner, it will have a negative impact on their day and their feelings. They want their partners to be generous with their feelings and to show selflessly how much they feel.

To be showered with warmth, kindness, and romance is important to them; so if you are in a relationship with this sign, you better be ready to fulfill this as well.

2. Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus and has no problem showing you how he feels about you and that he also wants to mean something to you in return. Her favorite pastime is being hugged in her partner’s arms.

For them, physical touch is one of the best ways to express love. Most of all, they love to be touched, but also enjoy the connection through the other four senses.

They want small gifts just because you thought of them. They want to watch you pour champagne while they lie on a rose-strewn bed waiting for you to come and hold them like you never want to let go of them. Public or private, large or small – they just expect affection every day.

3. Cancer

Cancers find it difficult to dismantle their protective walls and make up their minds to give in to love. So when they do, they expect it to be worth it.

They have very vulnerable hearts and it can be very comforting for them to receive affection from their partner. These people love to be held. You can rely on them to want to be the little spoon and to snuggle up proudly in the comfort of their arms around them.

Cancers are happiest when they know they are loved. They enjoy being shown affection, whether only in a small way.

4. Leo.

Hugging, kissing, holding hands, and snuggling up to her at every opportunity are just some of the ways that people living under this zodiac love to be reminded that they are a priority in their partner’s life.

When you’re with a Leo, be sure to give them all the attention they crave. They want to bask in your admiration and love. Lions firmly believe in public displays of affection.

They don’t care about time or place, they just need a little love when their partner is around. For them love is the most important thing and they are not afraid to show it. If you’re in a relationship with a Leo, be ready to show it off too.

5. Virgo

A little support can go a long way when you are with a Virgo. For them, affection doesn’t always have to be physical.

They are happy when they are shown warmth and kindness. Help them where you can, be it with motivational texts when life gets too much for them or by organizing their diary for them.

For Virgos, the intent is what matters. They understand that affection shows itself in all possible ways. You can be loving in your own way. They just want to be reminded that you are there for them even when things get really tough.

6. Libra

Libra are hopeless romantics. No day is complete without a small dose of affection. Distance is not an excuse not to shower them with affection.

If you can’t be with them physically, Libra still wants you to show how much you miss them. They refuse to do without flirting, romantic kisses, or holding hands.

Whether the relationship is only a month old or five years old doesn’t matter – they still want you to let the romance burn on a hot flame. They want love letters, gunky poems, flowers, massages, gifts, to be pampered and involved in the things or ventures that you love.


6 zodiac signs that need the most affection in relationships

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