Wait, Scorpio is at the top of the list of the most lying zodiac signs? What? Well, honestly, is anyone surprised? I’m sure you, Scorpio, aren’t even remotely surprised.
As the world’s most manipulative and deceptive sign, it’s not exactly news that when it comes to lying, Scorpio excels in a way that no other sign can. even compete.
But the problem with Scorpio is that they are so good at lying that even they have trouble telling fictional facts after a while.


Although Gemini is never as deceptive as Scorpio when it comes to manipulation and lying, they certainly have a knack for it.
But, just like Scorpio, people know that Geminis are liars. However, because Geminis are so fun and creative, it’s just an accepted part of their personality.
Unfortunately, Geminis don’t come off so easily when it comes to their penchant for lying.


While it might be easy to dismiss Pisces as a sensual and artistic soul, the reality is that underneath it’s a bit of a devil who will lie to get what it wants.
Thanks to their ability to be much more intuitive than most signs, Pisces know exactly what to say and how to tell them to get what they want out of almost any situation.


Libra’s combination of being both charming and manipulative makes them great liars.
They lie to get out of trouble, they lie to make themselves look better than they are, and they lie to get what they want. Basically, they always lie.
But while they’re pretty much a lie to themselves, their indecisiveness makes it hard for them to keep track of their lies and commit to them without trying to change a lie they’ve already told! Before they know it, they have a series of different lies, but each one is as believable as the next.


Yes, Cancer is an absolute liar, but unlike the other signs on this list so far, their lies aren’t meant to hurt or get what they want.
When it comes to Cancer’s lies, it’s more about hype and their failure to see the true version of events. So while they’re still one of the biggest liars in the zodiac, at least their lies are harmless…usually.


Like Cancer, Aquarius lies aren’t meant to cause major damage.
For the most part, Aquarius lies to keep the peace and avoid hurting anyone. While this is indeed the case, these lies can often backfire when the truth of a situation comes to light.
So all of these lies that Aquarius constantly tells are just band-aids until someone has the spine to be honest.


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