All the girls I know would like to be run after them. And I’m not saying she does not deserve it, but many of them do not know how to make the guys run.

If you want to play this game, there are some things you should pay attention to.

Only in this way will you get what you want and be satisfied with the result.

So, here are 6 proven ways to make him run like crazy. Stay tuned !

1. Live a life of which he will be jealous

Ladies, it’s as easy as breathing. If a man sees that you are satisfied with your own life, he will want to be part of it.

So what you need to do is have an amazing life with lots of friends and family members supporting you, whatever you decide.

He needs to see that you live your life to the fullest and that you would not want to change it for anything in the world.

In this way, he will fall madly in love with you because he will love the idea of ​​being with a woman who gives herself thoroughly to become the best version of herself.

2. There is no harm in being single

When a guy sees that you are single, he will think you are some kind of enigma.

I mean, you’re beautiful, hardworking, smart and fun, but you’re always alone. He will think twice and he will want you.

He will feel that you are satisfied with your present life and that you do not need a man to complete you.

As soon as he starts to see things this way, BOOM will mean he’s already yours.

Just because you do not need him, he will want to be part of your life. Now it will be up to you whether you want it or not!

3. You need higher standards in love

you must raise your standards to really get a man’s attention.

No man will run after a girl who is easy to have and who will accept all the conditions of a relationship.

You must show him that if he wants to be with you, he has to scramble to show you that he deserves you.

Do not underestimate yourself and do not let a man lead you by boat.

4. Do not give it credit so easily

A man needs to always go further to seduce the woman he loves.

So, do not let him believe he’s already your boyfriend just because he invited you to dinner and offered you a drink.

It takes a lot more to consider someone as your boyfriend, so make sure you do not behave like his girlfriend before he deserves it.

He will want to conquer you even more and he will concentrate on it more than ever.

5. Play the hard way

Men love girls who play hard to have. I mean, honestly, any man would leave a girl who lowers her pants after the first glass of wine.

They want something more. They want a woman who cherishes her body and soul and who will not give herself for little.

If you follow my advice, all the guys will want you and want him to be part of your life. Nice turn, huh?

6. Have respect for yourself

Is there anything s*xier than a woman who has respect for herself? I do not think so !

If you want a man to run after you, make sure you have enough respect for yourself and give yourself priority.

And do not forget that the guys come and go, but you find yourself alone in the room with your thoughts every night.

Do not make mistakes this time, show that you are special and that you prefer to wait until the good comes rather than having a hundred bad!

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